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No cosmetic damage... clean screen....but slow processor

Overall decent product... no damages... screen is good brightness ... feels good to hold and handle.. but processor is slow....apps respond slowly...not that fast..... even with lower firmware ( 9.3.5) it does not perform with higher speeds...Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: itsworthmore

by Top critical review

Not same as description

It has many scratches all around and on the power supply plug area, the screen is flawless but everything else is beat up. It doesn't like to stay charged or charge at a normal speed compared to our other iPads, not very happy with it. And a little disappointed I paid for something other then the description. It was a very sad birthday gift to my mother.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: certifiedrefurb...


This product is doing everything I wanted for my photography business!

I purchased this to help me with different asspects of my photogrpahy business. I wanted something that would allow me to offer in person proofing without having to carry around a lot of equipement. I also wanted something to use to showcase my photos to potential clients that I meet on a day to day basis. I love that it is light weight and has the functions to showcase everything I need for my business. I am able to accept credit card payments, view my online galleries, have a custom calendar and much more. The fact that it's thin and light weight allows me to carry it anywhere easily. The screen is large enough to display a image beautifully and the quality is very good. The one thing I wish this item had is a spot for thumb drives. That would take this product to the next level. Also a few additional external spots would be great so if someone wanted to multi task they easily could.Read full review...


One of the greatest things you will ever buy! Recommended x 1000000!

First I must say that I am a hardcore, dedicated Apple consumer. I have everything Apple, from iPods, iPhones, MacBooks and now iPads. That being said my reviews are quite biased. However, I can tell you with confidence that you will never find a tablet that exceeds the iPad's beauty and brilliance. It's not just another piece of technology, Apple creates beautiful art with its products. Apple makes sure that everything is exact and absolutely perfect before releasing its products to the public. Now let's get down to the bologna. The New iPad features a 9.7 inch screen, with a boasting 2048 x 1536 retina display. To really put that into perspective, that is a higher quality than an high definition TV. You can really tell the difference when you compare the screens of the iPad 2 and 3. Now the battery actually lasts me a while, I could go 2 days without charging it if I had to, however, the iPad literally takes hours to charge. When I say hours, I mean like 9+ hours to completely charge to 100%. That is the ONLY negative feature. I really like the front and rear camera, whenever I need to check myself out or fix my hair and I'm not near a mirror I can just use the front camera to see myself, or it is really helpful in taking accurate self pictures. Nothing beats Apple's App Store which offers millions of Apps. As you probably already know, whatever you need "there's an app for that!" The iPad is really easy to use too. Whether you're just browsing the web, playing a game or listening to music, everything is very fluid. I have had my iPad for 5 months and have had no problems, and I know that if I ever do I can just take it to the Genius Bar and they will fix it for me or replace it for free.Read full review...


An ipod is the answer to all your problems and to get organized easily! :)

Apple is the leader in its iPad3. The picture quality is superb. The speed is remarkable and ease of use is like none other. There is nothing to compare that is fair that is out there. Others try, but do not live up to the superior quality of Apple we have 3 iPads from iPad2 to iPad 3 and we love them all. They are easy to use and children to elderly can use them with ease. I cannot say enough good about them and the applications or "apps" if you will, are just mind boggling and all ages have fun with one app or another. They simply are the best and you will not be disappointed by any means. You no longer need pen and paper. You can do all your studying and mark your work and refer to almost anything with the touch of the screen and if you don't want to touch the screen, you can talk to it and it will direct you or record what you want and save it for a later date. The calender feature is amazing and will record what you want for any date and time and remind you of it. The address book is great and you can transfer your information with the flick of your wrist and all information or part will be transferred to another device. You will like it guaranteed and a novice like me is impressed all around and I want another for every member of my family and you can locate your family on it and if you should lose it, you can locate it instantly and lock it or erase the contents. I tell you, you cannot go wrong. It is worth every penny. I am only touching the surface of what it can do. Children use it with ease and teach me the features and apps to help me as simple as a grocery list by talking to it. It reminds me of what I often forget and makes me feel like I am not losing my mind for once. I highly recommend one for you and all your family. Enjoy should you decide to purchase one. It is worth every penny. Enjoy.Read full review...


Great product in fit, finish and application.

Almost immediately out of the box, the iPad 3 has become a tool to check email, watch Amazon Prime Videos and surf in place of my notebook. In terms of performance, it handles quickly any installed application. In terms of graphics, it's truly beautiful to see and watch (and the sound is great).

I haven't used an apple product in a few months and I immediately have become accustomed to picking it up and quickly getting what I want. It is much more fluid and smoother than the web browser on the Asus Infinity. I even noticed that the iPad was a bit clearer and brighter than the Infinity.

The only caveat is that I like the flexibility of every media app working on the Android OS. My mobile is an Android and quite honestly, I like that I can quickly download movies, content from any and all sources (except iTunes).

The iPad is a really great piece of hardware and the user interface is un-paralled. The choice for you may come down to preference.
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Something I thought unnecessary becomes very useable!

For some reason I had been dragging my heels climbing on the IPad bandwagon mainly because I didn't feel the necessity for usch a device. For a book reader I felt very content with my Kindle. Then, I don't know, I decided to spend a few bucks on a referbished iPad 3, maybe because I like getting things in the mail. It came; I used it and glad that I purchased it. Just downloading the innumerable apps is fun. I thought being locked in solitary confinement with my iPhone wouldn't be all that bad...well, with the iPad everything is just bigger and grander - and, as a reader, it has the Kindle beat. My only problem is that Kindle certainly offers a greater selection of books, yet the reading experience isn't as much fun because the pages don't flip and the screen isn't as bright for night time reading. Screen definition and clarity is pretty amazing. Watching a movie is no problem. In short, I'm glad I bought the device. It's unlimited entertaiment in such a small, portable package.Read full review...


Awesome, best tablet by far, but doesn't exceed the hype!

The new iPad comes with a raft of enhancements including a Retina display and LTE technology. Khidr Suleman compares the latest iOS tablet to the iPad 2 to see if it really is worth the upgrade.
r>The new iPad has been out for well over a week now and has generated mass hysteria. Apple shifted three million devices in the opening weekend, maintaining the firm's grip on the tablet market.

We put the new iPad up against the iPad 2 to see if it is worth investing in the latest model or better to snap up the second generation device at a cut-price.

For the purposes of this review and to help avoid confusion we will refer to the new iPad as the iPad 3.

Design – Double vision
There is little to separate the two tablets when it comes to looks, something that was a little bit surprising considering that Apple usually revamps the design after a couple of generations.

Apple has retained the 9.7” screen size, solitary home button and 30 pin connector. The colour scheme also remains unchanged with users able to opt for a black or white bezel. The Wi-Fi only iPad 3 is 51g heavier than its predecessor whereas the 4G edition weighs 55g more than the 3G iPad 2.

The main reason for the weight gain is the inclusion of a 42.5Wh rechargeable battery in the iPad 3, which is near enough double the size of the battery in the iPad 2. This is needed as the Retina display, quad-core GPU and 4G technology are very resource hungry and Apple would not have been able to provide anywhere near the 10 hour battery life that iPad users have become accustom too.

To accommodate the larger battery and 4G technology, the iPad 3 is 0.6mm thicker than its predecessor, which is pretty much negligible to the naked eye.

Winner - Draw - Despite the iPad 2 being a tad thinner and lighter, the third generation model packs in some very impressive technology to justify the slightly bulkier frame and looks equally as appealing.

Display – Retina is stunning
The Retina display has been touted by Apple as the headline feature of the iPad 3.

The 2048 x 1536 resolution on the iPad 3 is double that of the iPad 2 (1024 x 768) and it shows. The Retina display is extremely vibrant and is superior to the iPad 2 when displaying high-definition pictures and videos. One of the most noticeable features is the clarity of text – the lack of pixilation when reading e-books, web pages or zooming in on stocks is very impressive. Business users are also likely to find it far easier to read PDFs and edit documents on the iPad 3.

Text on the iPad 3 is visibly sharper than on its predecessor.

At present there are 48 apps out of the hundreds of thousands in the App Store, which have been upgraded to make full use of the Retina display. These include apps such as Twitter, Readability, Flipboard, Infinity Blade II and SketchBook Pro. This is expected to increase very quickly, but it should be noted that the size of apps will also increase.

Many of the gaming apps that take advantage of the Retina display are at least 500MB in size, with some well over 1GB. This is something to bear in mind when you are purchasing the device. If you plan to be a heavy app user if may be worth getting at least the 32GB model.

Realistically, the iPad 2 still has a more than adequate display. However, the large apps that have been designed for the Retina display will not provide material benefit to the iPad 2.

Winner – iPad 3 – It is difficult to go back to using the second-generation tablet once your eyes have becomeRead full review...


Nice Tablet, Versatile and Easy to Use

I'm not a real fan of Apple products - I think they are over-priced and that the company uses improper business practices to keep the prices high. The only reason I purchased this item was the very attractive price, far below the Apple MSRP. I like it's size and versatility. It's not bulky, has a nice display and allows you to read books from Kindle, Books-a-Million and Toshiba Book Place, which is a really nice feature. I recommend it but only is you can get an attractive deal.Read full review...


Older version (3rd gen.) but still plenty of value

I bought my iPad primarily for its "retina" display. It is beautiful, with extremely sharp definition. It's my first iPad - I'm still learning but it has numerous useful features and is easy to navigate.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: meiestore

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