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Long battery life100% agree

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My wife's ipad

My wife has fallen totally in love with this iPad! I think she loves it more than me!!! (Ha ha ha!!!) Great product and service from Apple and EBay! Thanks again!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: ht-electronics15


Love it!

This is my first iPad. I was using Samsung tablet now switched to iPad. I like it much better. Appearance of graphics, movies, photos are beautiful. I'm very happy with the purchase.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: sbarker


Excellent item

I love it and take it with me always.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: cpuwiz2012


iPad 2 still the best tablet available

Let me begin by saying that I think that the iPad is a fantastic device. I am an early adopter that has Windows, Apple, and Android products and enjoys them individually for what they are. This review is comparing the new iPad 2 to the original iPad release to help you decide if you should upgrade or try to find one of the older units on the “cheap”.

The iPad 2 comes in the same memory options as the original – 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB and no external slot is available for memory cards. With all these memory options you can install tons of apps. With the dual-core in effect, you will notice a faster loading of apps, web-pages, and web based apps compared to the original. The original was not “slower”, but in comparison, you can notice a definite speed increase. I believe that web pages and web-based apps are loading faster do to increased wifi capabilities, but I am unable to test this theory.

Like the original, iPad 2 is a slick device, meaning both beautiful and slippery. Looking much like the original, except now it's 10% lighter and 33% thinner. What does this mean? This unit actually becomes even more slippery when moving it around in hand. The original's had some weight behind it, good and bad (though only by a few ounces), was enough to keep it in your hands. iPad 2 is like a is beginning for a warranty for the unit because when hands become sweaty playing games or in heat, this thing could go flying out.

However, the Smart Cover, is an awesome option to combat this, albeit a minimum $40 option, it is NICE! Using magnets embedded in the iPad 2, the Smart Cover clicks into place to protect the iPad screen, adds hardly any weight or bulk, and turns off the unit very “sexily”. When the Smart Cover is closed, the iPad goes to sleep automatically, and then awakens when the cover is opened. The Smart Cover can also be folded to act as a stand for typing or movie watching.

The display is the same, and this is why I feel this isn’t the leap we were expecting. This does not have the Retina Display, and still boast the same specs as the original. I’m not saying that the screen is awful at all, the iPad 2's screen is still as good as the original.
The iPad 2's speaker has been moved from the side to the rear. In my opinion, this may be the only negative thing that has changed with the new release. The cameras on this device actually don’t have iPhone 4's 5 MP HDR camera, iPad 2 has a .69 MP (960 x 720) rear-facing camera and a.33 MP (640 x 480) camera in front. Unfortunately, the pictures are not the best, but in defense of the device, you are probably not taking stills with this thing. The pics tend to be grainy lack pizzazz. The cameras are really for are the ability to video chat using either Apple's FaceTime or Skype.

But if those upgrades aren't important to you, the original iPad at it's newly reduced price is makes for an excellent choice as well.

The iPad 2 includes three major upgrades over the original iPad 1:

•iPad 2 is a third thinner and a few ounces lighter than the original. It also has a slightly smaller surface area – the screen is the same 9.7 inches, but the bezel is smaller which makes it nice when you do hold this.
•There is now front and back cameras, so you can use Apple's FaceTime video chatting.
•Dual core processors (actually two 1 GHz processors on a chip).
Other than that, the new iPad is just a slightly smaller, thinner, faster upgrade to the iPad Original. You could call this an iPad 1.4 per say.
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Awesome product! Great Value for the money

Summary: I have purchased both an iPad2 and Xoom for different family members. I thought it worth comparing the two devices for anyone interested. Many of my comments are subjective so bear that in mind when reading the review.

The iPad2 screen has a different feel from the Xoom screen - the iPad2 is a bit slicker, less likely to stick when moving short distances. The screen on the Xoom tends to show fingerprints more than the Ipad2 for some reason. Everyone in this family thinks that the iPad2 looks sharper than the Xoom.

Both weigh 1.6 lbs. Subjectively, the Xoom feels heavier than the Ipad2, but it's an illusion perhaps caused by it's slightly smaller size. UPDATE: I need to learn to use the scales - the Xoom is about 3 ounces heavier than the iPad2.

Both have a similar size screen, measured diagonally. But the aspect ratio is different - 4:3 for iPad2, 16:9 for Xoom. This means that the iPad2 actually has a larger viewing area, and this makes a real difference when scrolling through a web site. The iPad2 screen is brighter than the Xoom screen.
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How did I ever live without it!

I love EVERYTHING about my new iPad. it's overall visual appeal, in size and appearance; it's achievable learning curve; it's special features; it's incredible Apps and the opportunity they present; the practicality and convencience of the accessories and finally the awesome technology. I'll no doubt upgrade to next level.Read full review...


would recommend the iPad to everyone!

I LOVE it! And I am a PC girl. Handy, loads fast. I really recommend you get the ipad with a carrier so that you can access info anywhere. And you need a wireless keyboard. All things I resisted, but now would never go without. Memory is not that important for me, I don't download a lot of movies, etc. So happy to save money by buying on Ebay too!Read full review...



I like this one better than the Samsung. The picture is clearer.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: mikeyb4


The opening of opportunities!

I love it! I am finding many uses that help me at work! It's easy to use.
I love listening to my audio books.
I am also always on the go & my ipad is so convient.


The Ipad2 is a great bargain!

Great alternative to more expensive Ipad 3rd/4th gen. Only thing missing is "Siri"! But not sure Siri is worth the price difference. Great tool for children. Kids can learn, play, and surf and play movies .. so much capability AND ITS MOBILE!!Read full review...

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