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Works like new

Been using it now for about 6 months now with no problem, when I did get it the sound was barley working but I gently blew out the speaker with air and it works great


IPad 2

Product was as described, arrived sooner than I thought it would. And the product works great, very happy with everything

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Very good

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: click2pick


Love it, great price

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: epcsales


Excellent product would highly recommend

Purchased for use by special needs grandson. Absolutely love this product. Being from Apple it has reliability that other tablets don't have. Easy to set up and use. Battery life is excellent. Camera isn't the best but for our use this isn't an issue. There are thousands of APS to download and possibilities are endless. Have 15 APS and 4 albums of song and still have lots of room to add more. Price is higher than other brands but benefits out weigh the costRead full review...


Life-Changing technology for this Over-50 forward thinker!

I purchased the Ipad 2 to replace a first generation Ipad that I found I was using much more than I thought. This one has double the memory, which I needed desperately. The camera has been an added bonus, the photos are lower in quality than my digital camera, but I am using it for quick shots of business projects that I need to email immediately. It's very convenient to be able to do that from one source.
I can't really say I dislike anything about the Ipads I have owned, a minor annoyance can be if an APP crashes, but that is the developers' issue. Also, watch out for 'Ipad Envy", you will spend a lot of time demonstrating it's assets to friends and family! You become an unpaid Apple salesperson.
I have never seen or used any other tablets to compare Ipad to them, I stay with Apple products now, exclusively, after l lost a decade of photos on a PC due to a Trojan Horse virus.

I am a grandmother of 2 who loves to explore new technology, I was born MUCH too early in the last century!
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Just Love it!! very cool technology

I love it and contrary to what someone else said about the magnetic cover I think it does a good job of protecting the sreen and putting the ipad to sleep when not in use and it sits up just fine for typing and surfing. Better yet I bought the cover also on ebay for only $10 it cost $39 in the store. I have not downloaded any new apps but intend to do so. This will be great for traveling because it is so small and light weight and easy to carry it would fit nicely in my purse. It opens emailed photos quicker and better than my PC or lap top.
I could not be happier with the purchase and I did not pay more only a couple dollars less then retail but received more quickly since the stores were out of stock.
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Awesome product, but not quite perfect.

I needed a portable internet solution for my online business. Verizon's 1GB/month plan for tablets was my solution. If I needed more, their 3GB/month plan is the cheapest for its bracket as well, also for tablets.

As an Apple fanboy of course the iPad 2 was my primary interest, though I didn't jump right into it; I researched first. Afterwards, I felt that is was my best solution.

When I received it I was elated. The glass is extremely smooth, yet doesn't hurt your fingers after using it for a long time. The picture is sharp, and surprisingly the auto-brightness feature that fails on the iPhone works splendidly on the iPad 2. The weight is perfect, and with the case I have it feels like a notebook. Very comfortable to cary around, and could fit in some larger pockets.

I have an iPhone 4, so I was able to import a lot of settings. However, contacts don't import for some reason. Most apps had free upgrades for the iPad, which was great since I just spent $700 on the hardware and warranty. The upgraded apps are beautiful, most of them in full HD display.

Our Verizon cell phone service in our area is worthless. When we moved here we had Verizon and could not get reception in our house or at work. (We switched to ATT as soon as we moved here to get the iPhone 3 since we had no reception with Verizon.) After researching the 3G coverage by Verizon, I was skeptical, but I tried it. I am not disappointed. I get a good 3 bars of 3G service at work where we couldn't get Verizon cell phone reception. At home when our electricity went out I still got 4 bars of 3G coverage. Our ATT 3G and Edge coverage on the iPhone 4 (and formerly 3) drops on the way to the closest city. With Verizon, I maintain at least 2 bars of 3G coverage the entire trip, and the speed is probably about 2.5Mbps.

Data usage isn't a problem. I have the 1GB plan, and if I were to use a full GB in a month I would have to be online doing what I do for approximately 2.5-3.5 hours a day in 3G coverage. Considering I'm mostly at home using WiFi, that would be difficult to use up. Of course there will be road trips that I'll be online 12 hours a day, but those will be rare. When that happens I can always upgrade to the 3GB/month plan if I need to and drop back down the next month with no penalty. It's Pay as you Go, so no contracts more than a month long.

While I absolutely love the iPad 2 and wouldn't trade it, it does have some flaws. The primary one is that it doesn't have a native case. The Smart Cover is near-worthless for protection, and the ability to stand it up using the Smart Cover is iffy. You can get good quality third-party cases, but they don't fit like a glove. They're still good, but not perfect. One great thing about the iPad 2 in this case, however, is that the Smart Cover only turns the display on and off using a simple magnet, so it's easy to turn any case into a Smart Cover with just a little magnetic tape.

Some apps from the iPhone can't be upgraded for free, and those iPad apps tend to be expensive, up to $13.99 for some complex games. The browsers aren't completely smart. It takes some maneuvering to open a page in a new tab/window. There is still no flash support. That is Apple's greatest weakness.

After use for a while, the on-screen keyboard tends to lag a little, like half a second, which is annoying. The outward facing camera is not comfortable to use, and there is no flash. The rotation-lock switch is the same as the mute, so you can't have both.
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Guess I just joined the 21st century!

Lots of friends have one or another Apple product. Wanted to try it for myself. I also don't like being required to use a minimum of characters to use to express my experiences to the "community"! It's none of your business of my likes or dislikes of this product. If I disliked it, I would not have bought it, and I have nothing to compare it to as of yet. When I have an opinion of comparing this product to another...I probably won't tell you!Read full review...


Awesome product!

I was really nervous about the purchase since I didn't know much about iPad Internet access...I bought the iPad for 3G Verizon and it works great with Wifi...I didn't need cell service to make it work and appreciate that I can in the future if needed. I think most people assume you need the cell service to make it operational...not true. Best purchase ever!Read full review...

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