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Long battery life100% agree

Good value100% agree

Good quality screen100% agree

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very fast and reliable


Dual-Core Apple A5
9.7 "screen with IPS matrix
The camera back and front
Thin and smooth metal body
High-capacity battery that provides 10-13 hours of work
Fast, reliable and functional operating system
A huge database of programs and games that are optimized for use with tablet PCs
Wide range of accessories

The screen resolution of 1024x768
Lack of memory card
Low resolution of the two chambers
Corporate connector charging and syncing
Many of Apple's software restrictions
Hours frankly pleased. When you work with iPad not to look around from side to side in search of outlet. It can easily take and use during the day for work or fun without too much fear for the battery. Just think, if only the video you can watch hours of eleven (a difficult task for any portable device), then how much can be easy to use for email, web, read or work? Here, no netbook or a laptop with the iPad will not be able to compete.
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A hassle-free, reliable, long-battery, high performance tablet

By far the best tablet on the market. Being an avid apple and android user, I enjoy the unlimited customization of androids. But when it comes to ease of use, performance and associated battery life with little to no user maintenance (like the need for a task killer with android devices) Apple takes the cake. I left my ipad on my computer desk under a stack of papers for over 4 weeks and when I came back and turned it on, the idle only used roughly 18% of the battery!!! That's better than a kindle!!Read full review...


A awesome product an is great for the price I payed for it don't its a good

I'm haveing fun every day with it thanks for asking. An very satisfied with it an thanks agin.And I would also tell some of my friends an coworkers about the things you all have. And I also can say its a great product.Read full review...


Awesome, fast shipment and no hassles!

I love love love love my new iPad!!!!! Well worth it!!!! Like brand new!!! Would buy another and would recommend this product to everyone and everybody!!!!

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