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Nice IPad for a cheap price!

I love this IPad! Now I can use it to how I want to ! I'm very happy! I connect it to my apple keyboard and voila! My own PC! It also came very fast! Overall, I can say that I was very satisfied.

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Too old

Technology has advanced so far beyond this generation iPad that most apps will not work on it. They will not even install. When you try to install from the apple store you receive an error dialogue box indicating that you need to upgrade the IOS, but it cannot be upgraded so the app will not install. This severely limits the functionality of this iPadRead full review...

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Apple iPad Wi-Fi (64GB)

Wanted to see what all the hype was about and how useful this would be for mobile computing needs of internet access (great), method to carry around fairly massive amount of documents for reference purposes (jury still out on this one) and for general sync up between this and my home PC. I invest major dollars to have very fast and very competent computer technology and my livelyhood really relys on this. So far, I am not real happy the sync up between the Apple OS and Windows OS....could blame either one for this so don't mean to stick that on the IPAD...just not as efficient as I would like at this point. Also found out in subsequent research on how to use this device that there are a number of items on the horizon which will make this a 1st generation very quickly with the 2nd gen touted (already) to include a lot of new features. Overall this works very similaryly to the other tablets that are out on the market like the Viewsonic one. Unit tethers very well to my Verizon smart phone mobile WIFI for internet access and seemed to be very device compatible in that respect. The port where the power supply and USB combination enters into is fairly flimsy and looks like it could break off pretty easily...other than that the quality looks to be average to above average. Will keep this for a while and see how it works out. Movie viewing is not really great since the whole screen is not can do Google search to get a better idea of what others have to say about that.Read full review...


Great Product...

Thing feels fast
The iPad is affordable. There were tradeoffs. It only has 256 MB of RAM.
The App Store is the killer app. The iPad is meant for anything.
When you first take it out, it wants to be plugged into your Mac or PC. Feels retrograde.
The wallpaper shows streaking meteors [that] look like scratches. Curious.
It’s not too hard to type with in landscape orientation. In vertical orientation, I using my thumbs.
I type faster on my iPhone. I have been using an Apple Bluetooth keyboard. For serious writing, you're going to want one.
The iPad display is wonderful. Pixel resolution isn’t all that dense.
The iPad is so good as a web reader. One severe problem in Safari for iPad: memory crapping out.
I wrote the first draft of this piece on my iPad using Pages. It’s easily worth $10.
Document syncing between Mac and iPad: It’s a mess.
I predicted it’d be crummy to run non-iPad-optimized iPhone apps on the iPad and I was right.
iBooks’ page-turning animation is delightful. Kindle’s advantage is library size.
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Great little gizmo!

I took the plunge and purchased from the US. I couldn't wait for Apple to decide when they are going to launch in the UK. I don't regret it.

The iPad hardware is amazing: light, slimline and with a high quality screen. Make sure you purchase a case and screen protector though to lengthen the life of your iPad (particularly if you have kids like I do).

The iPad software is pretty much as expected if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch as I do. That is the beauty of this - switch it on and bang . . . you're immediately on the web or writing emails or reading documents (great for the train journey to meetings) or listening to music or watching a film (Avatar looks great) or playing a game or showing your photos to relatives etc.

The ehnanced screen size makes all the difference to me. I can do ebay, online grocery shopping and much more that I couldn't do on the iPod. Some of the iPad apps (like Scrabble) are awesome. All the iPod Touch apps I transferred across work well - just a slight degradation in resolution. If you want your kids to do some education, there are some great learning apps - some with handwriting recognition so it makes learning more fun.
The bigger screen also accommodates a decent keyboard - fine for writing emails, To Dos etc. Not designed for writing War & Peace.

The downsides? Well, no Flash support means I can't watch some TV / video (such as 4OD, BBC iPlayer). However, I understand a BBC iPlayer app will be released soon like the one we use on our Nintendo Wii?
Also, since document viewing is so good, a USB drive would be a better way to upload my PDFs and Powerpoint docs but we all know about Apple's closed architecture.

In summary - as long as you see this device as a really quick and fun way to consume content (not designed for creating it), then you'll love this. It does not replace my laptop (e.g. no multi tasking) or my iPod Touch (too big for my pocket) but it is the nearest thing to the best of all worlds. What it does, it does very well.
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Apple iPad

The iPad is a great device for the on the go business traveler. It provides the user with all the computing power needed for multiple email accounts, presentations, calendar, and contact info.
You have all your music and your own videos and photos for passing those long flights. A great plus for the air traveler is, the iPad is not treated like your laptop by TSA screeners. No sending it through Xray separately.

For todays pilots, this is the tool for you. It provides a great multi function display with apps for all the Jeppson charts, real time weather information, flight planning and filling, and moving map GPS.

Only drawback is that apple is not yet allowing Adobe Flash play yet, so attachments requiring flash can not be viewed.

Now that apple has introduced the iPad 2 there should be many iPad 1's on the market. As long as you don't need a camera the iPad 1 will provide you with all the portable computing power you'll need in a very light weight device.
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I love this thing! Even better jail broken

I do not have a laptop. This thing works so great to do nearly everything I need it to do. It's nice because it's very light and battery life is fantastic. I tether to my sprint phone on the go and since I jail broke it and have an android phone I even can tether gps via Bluetooth. I'm typing this review on my iPad right now with the virtual keyboard which takes some getting used to but it's actually pretty useful. I am a pilot and cannot wait to use it in flight. So far it has worked wonderfully for everything. I get to test it out in fir very soon. I bought it for flying and the fore flight app is going to be well worth the subscription. Soon I will get a mouse to go with the keyboard to make editing word documents easier. Touch editing word documents on a bumpy bus ride was quite a task but should come easier with the google docs function now coming out. I only wish it were more compatible with some certain media files. Overall I say it's a great buy. The encase case from best buy is also a nice accessory.Read full review...


The iPad is a fun toy that needs a few more options to replace the laptop.

I enjoy using my iPad when my laptop isn't available or convenient. I bought this item used and glad I did as I saved a substantial amount of money. It does most functions of any computer except printing as I don't have a compatible printer. Any serious work I do will still be on my laptop or desktop. The screen is bright and vivid, adjusting to the ambient lighting in the room. While the iPad is light, it can strain the wrist to hold for long periods of time. I need to get a cover that converts to a stand or provides a better way to hold the unit. Battery life, even on this used item, seems very good with hours and hours of use before requiring a charge. I do wish Apple would get over their aversion to Flash as many sites use this format for video and games. Still, the iPad is a good option for anyone looking for an introduction to the world of tablets. It offers many useful features and does so in a sleek package.Read full review...


Ya, I like it, but I'm a sucker for electronics

It is a great size and shape to play games, read, check your email. It looks good and responds to touch like nothing else -- ahem -- except the iPod/iPhone of course.
There are some applications that you can't use on it, so you can't give up your main computer.
Is it worth the money? Well I am a sucker for new electronics, but in my case yes for ease of PDF transfers (a lot of reading for school) and ease of checking email in a nice size.
I might also add that while shopping for a product our main concern was ereader capability so we tried the Kindle DX first, but because of the PDF transfers and general coolness, the iPad won. Even though for just reading the Kindle was very, very nice.
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Apple IPad 16gb

This is my first Apple device and I wasn't sure what to expect. I have owned several computers and smart phones and was looking for something more compact than my laptop but with a larger screen and usable keypad than my smartphone for my work. So far, the IPad has fulfilled my expectations. I can download all my equipment tech manuals and schematics on the IPad plus have easy access to email and Internet. The biggest negatives for me are no support for Flash applications and no way to tether to my smartphone (non-AT&T service). Despite that, I am very pleased with it so far and will getting a lot of use from it.Read full review...


the ipad was in perfect condition. os cant be upgraded

the ipad 1 was in "perfect condition", os can only be 5.1xxcc$&@ ☹️ so very limited on what you can install. utube mobile only. most internet . i cant load app the require os upgrade (most of them). so right now it is a $50 kindle and angry bird tablet.Read full review...

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