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This was a Disney Classic

Enjoyed again watching this timeless classic animation made by Disney in 1951. Colorful, and funny film. You could watch it over and over. Kids love it too.

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Wonderful Disney Film

Amazing film, could not be made today due to the drug taking, story would have to be modified. Wonderful animation.

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Best childhood movies!

Got the movie for our grand daughter. She loves it!

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Best childhood movies!

I love the movie! Its entertaining and fun to watch :) One of my disney collections :P

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Great price, quality product

Would buy again

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Alice in Wonderland blu-ray

Got the movie for our grand daughter. She loves it, and that's all that really matters.

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Thank you

Very pleased .

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Disney's classic version of Alice in Wonderland!

I bought this blu ray because I missed the last time Disney released this, and wanted it on blu ray, which by the way this film looks amazing on blu ray! I rememberd this from my childhood and wanted my kids to watch it too. This is Disney's take on this story and its a good one, I remember most about his film is the food that makes Alice grow and shrink and the story of the Oysters- I just always remembered that from my childhood, maybe because it is sad. The story is about Alice who wants to live in a nonsense type world. Well she goes there searching for the white rabbit and discovers that things she thought she would like she doesn't really care for. She loses the white rabbit and wants terribly to go home and cannot find her way. You will find this version of Disney's Alice in Wonderland more suitable for kids then the Johnny Depp version. There is no bandersnatch or jabberwocky in this movie. Though I have not read the orginal story, I plan to, and have it on my kindle(its free)would love to compare to the authors orginal piece.Read full review...


One of the best of the Disney classics

Not only one of my fav rides at Disneyland, but one of the best of the Disney classics.

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So I finally got around to watching the classic 1951 Disney adaptation of Lewis Carroll's book on Blu Ray the other week (it's taken me this long to do a short writeup) and I was not disappointed. This was one WEIRD movie, even more so when you consider the year it came out and the company that released it. There is no real story as such, it's just Alice (a little girl) saying that if she owned her own land, nothing would make sense (this is a rebellious child of the time) she then falls asleep and dreams that she is in the land of her own making, only to find out that a land that makes no sense, while being fun for awhile, is also not a great place to live.

And when I say nothing makes sense, really, NOTHING makes sense. People talk gibberish, do strange things for no reason and generally run about with their lives doing things of little to no purpose. This works wonderfully as an animated movie as you can really explore the absurd (and the animators do frequently) and show the strangeness with a beautiful abstractness that you just could not do in live action (at the time)

MILES better than the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp live action ego stroking love fest that was made a couple of years ago (yeah, it was a re-imagining, re-telling, re-later-whatever it was, but it was still all style and no substance) if you like Disney movies, this one is a must see. But prepare for some serious weirdness....
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