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1, 2.. Freddy's Coming For You!

Excellent DVD of the last good Nightmare On Elm Street movie.

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The best chapter in the series!

Nightmare on elm Street 3 Dream Warriors is no doubt the best installment to the Freddy Kruger franchise. The film has plot, decent 80s special effects, a nice cast that seem to act right, and the film makes up for the mistakes made in the previous elm street film. The best thing about Dream Warriors is that Original Nightmare star Heather Lanegkamp returns as the heroine. Plus popular cast members like Patricia Arquette, Laurence Fishburne, and John Saxon make the film much enjoyable to watch, and Wes Craven comes back to pen the script. Truthly, I think that the elm street series should have been laid to rest with closing story of this chapter, because the ending presents logical sense as to how Freddy Kruger is finally defeated in having him buried and seeing his spirit go out in a blaze of light. Chuck Russell; the director of The Mask and Eraser has managed to do a fair job in directing this nail-biting, scare fest thriller with fun written added all over it. When I went ahead and viewed the rest of the Elm Street films, I was absolutely disappointed at the kind of garbage that had thrown into to making such crappy sequels. Personally, I think the elm street series should be just remembered as a trilogy, so that we the audience can be sparred the misery in not having to watch up on the rest of the pointless sequels.Read full review...


A..solid Nightmare after the original.

I own all the freddys and next to the original 1984, this is by far the best runner up...part 2 was decint with his dark and evil prescence, but he didnt play by the dream demon rules and actually posses Jesse's body so that gets a B-. Part 4 Dream Master was interesting and had some good kill moments but its missing something, ties in well with number 3 tho killing off Joey Kincaid and Kristen, B. Part 5 Dream Child is starting to get weaker, freddy is becoming a lil too animated and a jokster, C+, Freddys Dead part 6 is clearly a comedy with Rosanne and Tom Arnold...Im suprised they didnt throw Al Bundy and Alf in there too, C...Wes Cravens new Nightmare Suck big time..Freddys leather pants and green hat are fabulously faggity C-. Freddy VS Jason is Fun, had to be done...Freddy in my opinion was toughter than ever and got the better of a bigger slower Kane Hodderless Jason, I give this one a B+...The new one is good to in its own right, Robert Englund RIP...that blows but Freddy cant be 70 years old chasing teens...A-. Back to Part 3...Best one!! solid A. The characture...or creature really develops and shows off powers he's never had and shows the audience its not a cat and mouse game with him...he's everywhere, and can do anything, also he knows his prey better than they know themselves!Read full review...


The Best Nightmare Sequel

Dream Warriors marks the triumphant return of Wes Craven to the series he created and he delivers the best sequel the Nightmare franchise has to offer. Heather Lagenkamp returns as original Nightmare survivor Nancy Thompson, only this time around she's bound and determined to help the new group of Elm Street children from certain doom at the hands of Freddy Krueger, among them Patricia Arquette. People often knock this as the downfall of the series, where Freddy starts to fade from dark to comical, but that makes no difference here as every other aspect of this film makes up for that fact, with ease. The script is fresh and original tackling the idea of the tormented being able to fight back using their "dream powers." The acting is on point with Robert Englund leading the pack with another spot on performance of his infamous, anti-hero Freddy Krueger. The direction showcases some of Wes Craven's finest work and the tech work is fantastic, the dream lighting being a high point. Plus, the death scenes are some of the best the series has to offer, my personal favorite being the marionette death. This film is a force to be reckoned with, not to be missed by any horror fan.Read full review...


Very Great Sequel!!

This was one of the best sequels they made, it was a great come back for Freddy since part 2, he really made a name for himself with this sequel, he started to get comical in this one, but also was still very creepy and evil as well so thats what made this film so good a long with all the creative kills, I love how Nancy made a come back and helped the kids on elm street who were having nightmares out, that was a great idea! Great special effects for being made in 1987, overall part 3 is one of the best sequels in the elm street series.Read full review...


very nice

This is the third installment and the first elm movie to show freddy using creepy creative ways to murder people in the dreams where in one he just killed them and 2 there were really no dreams just possesion this is the only movie besides a new nightmare to feature Nancy Cahlahan in her orignal roleRead full review...


Classic cult 80's horror movie, must see!

This movie much like every classic film from Star Wars to Friday the 13th, falls into the category of a cult hit. "Cult Hits" were created in the 1960's in direct opposition to the corrupt Academy Awards system that rarley gives great films the credit they deserve. Instead the "Academy" chooses to grant only poorly made "artsy" films the right to have an oscar, i.e. Brokeback & the English Patient, both god awfull films that some how were allowed to run for an oscar, meanwhile films like Harry Potter, Star Wars, the Matrix, and anything related to the horror genre got the shaft.

Nightmare on Elm Street (Part 3) "The Dream Warriors", is in my opinon the best film in the series of Nightmare films, however from a horror movie junkie stand point the 2003 "Freddy vs. Jason" flick is far better.

This film takes place in a half way house for disturbed children, which as you can guess is chock full of sleep deprived children thanks to Freddy Krueger. Through out the film the doctors and nurses fight to understand why the kids are scared of sleep and why the keep killing themselves. This occurs until Nancy from Nightmare on Elm Street - Part 1 shows up.
Apparently she survived Freddy's wraith and also got a degree in mental illnesses, and had the AMA whip up a little drug to keep Freddy out of her head, this drg is called hypnocil. The purpose of this drug is to prevent the taker from having any dreams at all. Naturally the doctors oppose this until the head doc desides to try out a sleep session and comes face to face with Freddy himself. I could go on but don't want to give you the whole story in my review.

I suggest watching this picture, this is a great cult horror movie from the everlasting 1980's.
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the best of the noes franchise!

In my opinion this is the best movie of the franchise (yes even slightly better then the first). And that is coming from a huge noes fan. Not only is this my favorite noes movie, it is my favorite horror movie of all-time. Very imaginative with great special effects. Great cast that give very memorable performances. The ending is simply amazing (not gonna spoil it) and it should have been the closing point in the franchise, it made so much sense. If you're a fan of the original and have not seen this, i HIGHLY reccommend it!Read full review...


the movie

very good

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Freddy returns to terrorize psychiatric ward teens

Nancy Thompson (Heather Langenkamp) from the original Nightmare on Elm Street returns in this series "Dream Warriors" as a dream researcher. She assists in helping the teens battle the bastard, Freddy Kreuger, in their dreams as they live in a strict psychiatric ward that has no understanding to the supernatural. Hypnocil, an experimental psych-actiive dream suppressant is thought of.Read full review...

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