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The second installment in the Women's Murder Club series, this novel takes place four months after Lindsay Boxer solves the bride and groom murder.

It was a typical afternoon in the local parish where the children's choir has just finished their rehearsal. As the kids leave the church, bullets come out of nowhere throwing everyone into chaos and killing one innocent girl. Lindsay, SFPD's newly minted Lieutenant, knows it is time to get back into action. It doesn't take long before she ties up the girl's murder with that of an elderly black woman. And as the killing spree continues, Lindsay has no doubt that the motive is a personal vendetta against black cops. But dealing with a methodical killer has left the cops baffled, chasing clues that lead them to a labyrinth of dead ends. And as the gruesome killings set the SFPD on their heels, the hunt is on and the Women's Murder Club is back in action.

So where do they begin? They know that the killer goes by the nickname of Chimera. But is Chimera a criminal that suffered in the hands of police and now seeking vengeance, or is he a cop himself? Once again, Lindsay and her friends find themselves immersed in a sick game of cat and mouse, where one of them becomes a target herself. And for Lindsay, a most unexpected reunion with her estranged father will send her emotions in a roller coaster ride where old wounds will be opened and new surprises will be revealed.

As a follow up to the highly-charged 1st TO DIE, this novel proves the author's knack for keeping you glued to the story. 2nd CHANCE is as riveting as its predecessor and I am impressed by the layered and twist-driven plot. The thing about Patterson is his canny ability for creating such interesting antagonists that makes you want to delve into their sick mind. As for the female protagonists, while the main star is without a doubt Lindsay, who also handles the first person narration, Patterson is progressively building up the other characters as we are invited to their lives and learn more about them. However, don't expect too much as Patterson is just letting the readers make their acquaintance, leaving you wanting to get to know these women more and ensuring that you continue on with the rest of the book in the series.
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A good read in a great series

I really enjoy detective novels with on-going characters. I had already read the 1st, 3rd, 4th & 5th in this series, loved 'em all. I like the way James Patterson involves us in the personal lives of his characters and maintains a high level of suspense at the same time. One really comes to care about his characters. I have enjoyed nearly everything I have read by James Patterson (I can only think of 1 book that I did not enjoy) But I have liked this complete series.Read full review...


great book Alex Cross is a great character

Good book I dont think James Patterson can write a bad book. I have read EVERYTHING he has written and have not found a book i did not like.


2nd Chance by Andrew Gross, James Patterson (2002)

A great audio book.
Keeps you glued to the edge of your seat.
If you like action,and mystery this is the book for you.


2nd chance

I listen to books at work and in my car. This allows me to add to my collection and everything is great, thanks

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