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Nurbossyn Scythian Jewelry


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Handmade Silver Pendant Stylized Horse Traditional Middle Asia Luxury Jewelry


Scythian Zoo-Anthropomorphic Sculpture Traditional Ancient ritual Turquose stone


Luxury Bracelet Handmade Scythian Jewelry Animal Style Kazakh ART


Bronze Sculpture Scythian Zoo-Anthropomorphic Style Handmade Kazakh Art Ancient


Handmade Scythian Silver Pendant Animal Style Mothers Day Historic Middle Asia


Handmade Scythian Luxury Jewelry Animal Style Silver Turquoise Lab Ruby stone

$146.00 to $223.00

Thinker Pendant Luxury Jewelry Handmade Scythian Animal Style Silver Ruby

$112.00 to $135.00

Scythian Bronze Sculpture Animal Style Wall Decoration Handmade Kazakh Art


Luxury Fashion Jewelry Handmade Silver Pendant Traditional Zoomorphic Style


Luxury Jewelry Handmade Pendant Scythian Animal Style Silver Turquoise


Historic Pendant Handmade Zoomorphic Animal Stylized Deer Ancient Ritual Amulet


Modern Luxury Brooch Handmade Scythian Jewelry Animal Style Silver Spinel


Luxury Jewelry Handmade Scythian Animal Style Silver Ancient Ritual Turquoise

$105.00 to $120.00

Luxury Handmade Jewelry Scythian Animal Style Pendant Silver Turquoise Historic

$135.00 to $178.00

Scythian Bronze Sculpture Zoomorphic Man Image Decoration Handmade Kazakh Art


Handmade Silver Pendant Scythian Zoo-anthropomorphic Style Turquoise stone


Luxury Silver Historic Brooch Zoomorphic Traditional Animal Style Ancient Ritual


Handmade Luxury Amulet Scythian Style Silver Turquoise Jade made in Kazakhstan

$124.00 to $187.00

Handmade Silver Pendant Scythian Animal Style Traditional Historic Amulet Deer

$134.00 to $207.00

Handmade Wedding Silver Rings Zoomorphic Ritual Animal Style Modern Art Jewelry

$88.00 to $93.00

Handmade Silver Pendant Scythian Gold Zoo-anthropomorphic Ruby Sapphire stone


Scythian Bronze Sculpture Handmade Middle Asia Art Stylized Deer Ancient Ritual


Handmade Silver Pendant Scythian Style Stylized Horse Ancient Ritual Middle Asia

$93.00 to $195.00

Scythian Gold Bronze Sculpture Animal Style Stylized Deer Handmade Kazakh Art


Fashion Silver Pendant Luxury Jewelry Scythian Animal Style Ancient Ritual


Fashion Jewelry Handmade Pendant Scythian Animal Style Silver Turquoise Lab Ruby

$143.00 to $182.00

Scythian Bronze Sculpture Animal Style Zoo-Anthropomorphic Handmade Kazakh Art


Luxury Jewelry Handmade Scythian Woman Silver Pendant Historic Middle Asia Art


Handmade Contemporary Silver Ring Zoomorphic Sculpture Wooman Fashion Jewelry


Luxury Pendant Stylized Animal Historic Traditional Ancient Scythian Jewelry


Luxury Handmade Silver Brooch Zoomorphic Style Creative Design Fashion Jewelry


Luxury Silver Brooch Zoomorphic Scythian Animal Style Creative Design Turquoise


Handmade Scythian Traditional Bronze Amulets Animal Style Pendant Chalcedonys


Modern Pendant Silver Bronze Handmade Ancient Ritual Scythian Animal Style Deer

$125.00 to $156.00

Handmade Bronze Pendant Mythical Animal Boho Style Jewelry Traditional Historic


Handcrafted Modern Silver Ring Scythian Animal Style Apatite Natural Stone


Elegant Leather Hairpin Butterfly Grips Creative Design Wooman Fashion Accecory


About us

The jewelry is created in the Scythian-animal style with a combination of conditionally pronounced zoomorphic-anthropological formations. For each work I invested my spiritual strength and sated a lot of tension. My main works are focused on the relationship between nature and man.
They mark the main values of life, such as love, family, care and harmony. Let this work give you a flow of energy, fresh ideas and good moods.
Products are handmade by casting.
Location: KazakhstanMember since: May 30, 2022Seller: nurbossyn