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About us

Now more than ever, health and wellness are at the core of our being and we are taking ourselves to task to ensure that we pass this mindfulness along to our consumers. It is important that NannoPad® may help alleviate the menstrual symptoms that millions of us suffer from each month – and it was imperative that we did it without any drugs or medications.

We want you to be able to carry out every day just like the next and not fret about what time of the month it is.

Innovation in the personal hygiene space is finally making its way into our everyday lives and we want to pioneer the personal care space by making it not only accessible, but the norm. In the digital age, we all want accessibility, ease of use, quality and functionality and we are working on bringing that to everybody through open dialogue, conscious development, and progressive thinking.

Nannocare is here to make a difference, period. Let’s minimize discomfort and maximize life!
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