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Oracle 7069157 SL150 Base Library 7076135 with Picker Assembly - Factory Reset


DELL RM4PV PV124T LTO6 SAS Autoloader 16-Slot 124T 35P2234


IBM 01PL818 LTO8 Half-Height SAS Tape Drive HH LTO-8


Quantum PX720 Complete Picker Assembly Picker 6442560-02 on Y-Axis 6442501-04


Quantum EC-SF3WA-YF Superloader 3 DLT-S4 SCSI Autoloader 16-Slot L700


DELL 7HG1C Power Supply 188W PSF189-332A 07HG1C


mLogic 1U Rack-Mountable Enclosure With LTO8 HH SAS Tape Drive 01PL818 IBM


IBM 3576-L5B TS3310 Library 271-slot license 23U w/2 E9U Expansions in Tower


Quantum Superloader 3 E7-L2WAE-YF 16-Slot With LTO6 SAS HH Tape Drive


IBM TS2900 3572 Autoloader Cartridge Magazine Assembly 243-537211-001


IBM 3573-8347 LTO6 SAS Tape Drive In Tray 46X1939 TS3100 TS3200


Quantum 3-07026-01 LTO6 FC HH Tape Drive in Tray i40 i80 9-03819-01 2727079 IBM


Quantum Superloader 3 LTO Right Side Magazine EC-LF9MZ-YF E7-LF9MZ-Y ER-LF9MZ-Y


Quantum Scalar i500 library 133-slot & SNW licenses & four LTO3 FC Tape drives


Overland Tandberg 3580-H4V LTO4 SAS V2 HH External Tape Drive IBM 46C2759


Overland Tandberg Neo 200S Library 24-Slot 2U 18R1106 - IBM 00V7150 3573-NEO


Quantum 3580-H6S LTO6 SAS External Tape Drive 9-03575-01 IBM 46C2596 12X5251


Dell Powervault ML6000 41 Slots ML6010 5U w/ two LTO3 4Gb FC Tape Drives XJ869


IBM 3573-8248 LTO5 FC Tape Drive 46X6075 In Tray 00V6733 TS3100 TS3200


QUANTUM i500 3-02781-02 DELL ML6000 Rear Y-Axis Gear Rail


mLogic mTape LTO6 External Tape Drive Thunderbolt 2 Interface


Overland NEO 2000e Library 30-Slot 10300243-206 with LTO5 SAS FH Tape Drive


SUN 7057394 7057541 LTO4 FC Tape Drive 35P2502 Less Than 10 Power On hours (POH)




DELL Picker Assembly for TL4000 Library


Quantum IBM 3-07027-01 LTO6 HH SAS Tape Drive i40 i80 Library 9-03820-01 2727077


IBM 3584 TS3500 Tape Library Diagnostic Tape LTO6


Quantum ET-L2ZAE-HF Superloader 3 LTO8 HH SAS Tape Drive 16-Slot ET-L2ZAE-YF


HP LTO3 Dual Port 2Gb FC External Tape Drive PD078C#912


DELL 676R6 TL2000 TL4000 LTO5 HH SAS V2 Tape Drive In Tray 46X6073


DELL 183KW TKC16 LTO6 SAS V2 Tape Drive In Tray 46X1939 TL2000 TL4000


Storagetek SUN 313731304 2Gb FC Interface Card MPU2 For L180 L700 SL500 Library


Quantum 9-02921-01 LTO6 FC Tape Drive In Tray i40 i80 1-04216-01 AQ298A#900 HP


Tandberg T40 Library With 40 Slot License 8147-LTO Model 1040


DELL ML6000 Library 41-Slot w/2 LTO4 SAS Tape Drives Y6PPM 8-00492-01 ML6010


IBM 3573-L4U TS3200 48 Slot Tape Library 18R1108 Library Only - No Tape Drives


Dell 3Y791 PV132T 0 Tape Drives, 24 Slot ROHS Powervault


IBM 3573-S4S Library 24-Slot TS3100 45E1010 LTO FH/LTO HH Tape Drives Available


IBM 3583-8035 LTO3 FC Tape Drive In Tray 96P1448 96P1562 96P1254


Dell PowerVault TL2000 2U 24-slot Library GFY24, 6FT99, UP306, NW065, HX7DW


Quantum 3-05437-01 LTO5 HH SAS Tape Drive For i40 i80 Library 1-03563-01


SUN 380-1567-01 SL48 Library 48-Slot LTO Chassis - Tape Drives Available


IBM 45E9498 LTO5 Half-Height Face Plate Bezel With Dust Flap - No Tape Drive


DELL 991C9 LTO5 HH V2 SAS Tape Drive in Tray TL2000 TL4000


IBM 7316-TF3 17" Flat Panel Console Kit No Keyboard Inside Rails 03N7012 03N6321


IBM 95P5121 LTO4 FC Tape Drive


Enhance ENP-2316BR Powervault 124T L700 Superloader 3 Power Supply




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Welcome to Midwest Technical Sales, Inc. We have over 30 years of specialization in the repair and sales of tape drives, tape libraries, disk drives, optical drives and optical libraries. We buy tape drive/library and optical drive/library equipment. Storagetek, IBM, Sony, ADIC, Sun, Exabyte
Location: United StatesMember since: Oct 16, 2001Seller: repairmytapedrivecom

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