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John Philip Wagner Fine Art


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Harriet Tubman Poster Print$39.00
George Custer PRO Print$240.00
Annie Oakley PRO Print$240.00
George A Custer Painting$2,800.00
Red Cloud PRO Print$240.00
Buffalo Bill PRO Print$240.00
Alexander Hamilton Painting$2,800.00
Harriet Tubman Painting$2,400.00
George Washington Painting$2,800.00
Belle Starr Painting$2,800.00
Edward Curtis Painting$2,400.00
Etta Place Painting$2,800.00
Bass Reeves Poster Print$39.00 to $49.00
Benjamin Franklin Painting$2,800.00
Bass Reeves Painting$2,800.00
Washington Irving Painting$2,800.00
Wyatt Earp Painting$2,800.00
Billy The Kid Painting$2,800.00
Wild Bill Poster Print$39.00 to $49.00
Blackbeard Painting$2,600.00
Harriet Beecher Stowe Painting$2,600.00
Sitting Bull Poster Print$39.00 to $49.00
Abraham Lincoln Painting$2,800.00
Lottie Deno Poster$39.00 to $49.00
Edgar Allan Poe Painting$2,600.00
Ulysses S. Grant Painting$2,800.00
Red Cloud Painting$2,800.00
Lottie Deno Painting$2,800.00
John Brown Painting$2,400.00
Josephine Earp Painting$2,600.00
Pearl Hart Painting$2,600.00
Wild Bill Hickok Painting$2,800.00
William Tecumseh Sherman Painting$2,800.00
Buffalo Bill Painting$2,800.00
Jesse James Painting$2,400.00
Annie Oakley Painting$2,800.00

About us

John Philip Wagner commits his unique mythohistory to canvas against the backdrop of the Southwest. He breathes into it what he likes to think of as a “Sense of Dust”. Dust itself depicts the style of the Southwest. ln dust are hidden the images of many eons past, the memory of lives and civilizations long gone. My home is now in Southern Colorado which is much like New Mexico with sage, Cottonwoods and cactus, the sky is enormous and dramatic.
Location: United StatesMember since: Apr 16, 2022Seller: johnphilipwagner