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F3572: Real, old iron Japanese DO (body guard) of iron of SAMURAI's armor YOROI

$299.990 bids3d 6h 11m

F3767: Japanese OLD IMARI colored porcelain BIG plate with very good painting

$99.990 bids6d 3h 22m

F3174: Real old KOSHIRAE for Japanese long sword KATANA w/good TSUBA of dragon

$249.991 bid3d 5h 49m

F3805: Chinese BIG plate of real old blue-and-white porcelain of MING GOSU

$199.990 bids6d 3h 46m

F3681: Real old KOSHIRAE for Japanese short sword TANTO with very good KOZUKA

$299.990 bids3d 5h 53m

F3763: Chinese colored porcelain BIG bowl with appropriate tone and pattern

$149.990 bids6d 3h 37m

F3843: Chinese white stone HAKU-GYOKU ware bowl with Chinese seal pattern

$99.990 bids6d 3h 52m

F3819: Japanese old IMARI porcelain bowl with good painting and coloring

$9.990 bids6d 3h 19m

F2726: Real old KOSHIRAE for Japanese sword w/TSUBA, MENUKI, FUCHI-KASHIRA

$139.990 bids3d 5h 57m

F3863: Japanese really old KIYOMIZU pottery tea bowl with very good atmosphere

$49.990 bids6d 4h 7m

F3636: Chinese real old blue porcelain incense burner w/appropriate glaze tone

$88.880 bids3d 4h 40m

F3790: Japanese old KUTANI porcelain flower vase of popular KO-KUTANI style

$149.990 bids6d 4h 1m

F3620: Real old KOSHIRAE for Japanese sword with very good metallic ornaments

$333.330 bids3d 5h 51m

F3855: Chinese pottrey tea bowl of rare shape withTENMOKU glaze of Song dynasty

$79.990 bids6d 3h 49m

F3387: Very very rare, really old Japanese KO-KUTANI colored porcelain plate

$333.330 bids3d 4h 49m

F3860: Chinese blue porcelain tea bowl with appropriate tone and crackled glaze

$49.990 bids3d 3h 28m

F3832: Japanese real old BIZEN pottery ware popular KASA-DOKKURI bottle

$99.990 bids6d 3h 28m

F3514: REAL old Chinese blue-and-white porcelain ware plate of KOSOMETSUKE

$77.770 bids3d 4h 37m

F3622: Japanese old IMARI colored porcelain vase with painting of GENROKU style

$29.990 bids6d 4h 40m

F3803: Japanese old pottery slop bowl w/carved poem and sign of Rengetsu Otagaki

$199.990 bids6d 4h 10m

F3877: Real Japanese KO-IMARI blue-and-white porcelain pair of deep plate

$19.990 bids3d 3h 22m

F3081: Chinese wooden decorative stand of popular natural wood form w/great work

$169.990 bids6d 6h 10m

F3571: Japanese iron wind chime by great 52th Munemichi Myochin w/box, Listen ♪

$66.660 bids6d 5h 55m

F3865: Real Chinese old porcelain ware ink‐pad case of Qing dynasty age

$49.990 bids6d 3h 43m

F3167: Very rare, Japanese real old GENROKU-IMARI colored porcelain covered vase

$129.990 bids3d 4h 46m

F3035: Japanese old pottery tea bowl of MOKUBEI style w/great potter's appraisal

$49.990 bids3d 4h 16m

F3671: Real, tea bowl of pottery by greatest Janet Leach with signed box

$299.990 bids6d 5h 43m

F2941: Real old Japanese DO (body guard) of SAMURAI's armor over 200 years ago

$222.220 bids3d 6h 13m

F0097: Japanese old KIYOMIZU blue-and-white pottery 5 plates of appropriate work

$77.770 bids6d 4h 16m

F3425: Japanese real old lacquered letters box FUBAKO with MAKIE of good pattern

$88.881 bid3d 5h 1m

F0350: Chinese bronze ware newborn Gautama Buddha statue with dedicated box

$266.660 bids6d 5h 25m

F3766: Korean porcelain water dropper of fish shape of Joseon Dynasty style

$49.990 bids3d 3h 34m

F3244: Rare, real old Japanese GENNAI pottery BIG plate with appropriate texture

$99.990 bids3d 4h 55m

F3716: Chinese old porcelain biggish plate w/SHINSHA glaze of Qing dynasty age

$66.660 bids6d 4h 52m

F3845: Korean porcelain tea bowl of Joseon Dynasty with appropriate glaze tone

$49.990 bids6d 3h 55m

F2725: REAL, old Japanese SAMURAI's TESSEN iron folding fan with good quality

$149.990 bids3d 5h 9m

F3854: REAL old Chinese blue-and-white porcelain small plate of KOSOMETSUKE

$29.990 bids6d 3h 40m

F3483: Real Chinese old blue-and-white porcelain vase of Qing dynasty age

$39.990 bids6d 5h 16m

F3536: Real old Japanese IMARI blue-and-white porcelain ware bottle in Edo era

$24.990 bids3d 3h 46m

F3491: Chinese foo dog statue of green glazed pottery ware with signature

$149.990 bids3d 4h 28m

F3713: Chinese old blue-and-white porcelain flower vase with kiln's signature

$66.660 bids6d 4h 58m

F3484: Chinese blue-and-white porcelain plate with appropriate tone and design

$39.990 bids6d 4h 49m

F3801: Japanese real old IGA pottery hanging flower vase with very good taste

$99.990 bids3d 3h 43m

F3890: Japanese OLD IMARI porcelain pair of deep plate w/popular MIJIN-KARAKUSA

$19.990 bids3d 3h 19m

F3311: Very rare, really old Japanese SHOKI IMARI blue-and-white porcelain plate

$555.550 bids3d 4h 52m

F3598: Real old iron Japanese KABUTO helmet of SAMURAI armor with MAETATE

$666.660 bids3d 6h 17m

F3478: Japanese pottery tea bowl with greatest HANDEISHI KAWAKITA's signature

$69.990 bids3d 4h 22m

F3263: Real old iron Japanese sword guard TSUBA with wonderful work and quality

$99.990 bids3d 5h 45m

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