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Cinderace V 178/192 Full Art Ultra Rare Pokémon Rebel Clash NM$7.00
Coalossal V 098/185 - Vivid Voltage - Ultra Rare Holo Pokemon Card Full Art$2.00Save up to 15% when you buy more
Trevenant V - 013/203 Evolving Skies Ultra Rare Pokemon - NM/MINT$2.00
Shadow Rider Calyrex V 74/198 -Holo Ultra Rare Pokemon Card -Chilling Reign MINT$2.00
Tyranitar 043/078 - Pokemon GO - Holo Rare - NM/Mint - Pokemon TCG Card$2.00
Peyton Manning 2021 Illusions Football King of Cards Green Acetate KC-17 Colts$4.00
Pokemon Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Pincurchin V 72/192 Holo Rare$2.00
Pokemon GUMSHOOS GX Card SUN and MOON Base Set 110/149 Sun Moon SM Ultra Rare$2.00
Granbull V 057/172 Ultra Rare Pokémon Brilliant Stars - NM/M TCG Pokemon Card$2.00
Zacian V 016/025 — Pokemon TCG Celebrations — NM - Mint Holo Ultra Rare$2.50
Training Court Gold SECRET RARE Trainer Full Art Fusion Strike 282/264 Pokemon$13.00
1999 Topps Pokemon Checklist Gotta Catch 'em all RARE Nintendo holo texture$19.99
Pokémon TCG Venusaur 003/078 Pokemon GO Holo Rare NM/M$2.00
Articuno 024/078 Pokemon GO TCG Holo Rare Near Mint$2.00Last one
Kingler V 028/172 - Brilliant Stars - Ultra Rare Pokemon Card - Near Mint (NM)$2.50
Pokemon Card Game Medicham V RR 036/067 S7R Blue Sky Stream Japanese$2.00
Pikachu's Vacation Topps Foil Card Togepi in Trouble EMBOSSED HOLO FOIL TEXTURED$9.00
Eldegoss V SWSH084 Full Art Shiny Ultra Rare - 2021 Pokemon Shining Fates NM$2.00
Cinderace V SWSH015 - Black Star Promo - Ultra Rare Holo Pokemon Card Near Mint$2.00
Mimikyu 81/189 Rare Holo Promo Pokemon Card Darkness Ablaze NM/M$2.00
Single Strike Urshifu VMAX TG29/TG30 Pokémon Brilliant Stars Trainer Gallery NM$6.00
Machamp 65/145 Cosmos Holo Rare Pokémon Guardians Rising - NM/M TCG$1.50Save up to 15% when you buy more
Cramorant V Black Star Promo - SWSH086 Sword & Shield Promos - Pokemon Mint/NM$2.00
Greedent V 53/72 Ultra Rare Shining Fates Pokémon TCG Near Mint$2.00
Pokemon TCG Evolving Skies - Duraludon V Full Art Holo - 122/203 - NM$2.00
Octillery - TG03/TG30 - Holo Rare Brilliant Stars Pokemon TCG Near Mint$3.00
Pokemon Togekiss V 140/185 Holo Ultra Rare Vivid Voltage Near Mint$2.00
MACHOP - Base Set 2 - 78/130 - Common - Pokemon Card - Unlimited Edition$1.50
Shaymin V - 13/172 - Ultra Rare Holo Pokemon Card Brilliant Stars$2.00
Crobat V 099/184 Japanese - Near Mint VMAX Climax s8b Pokemon$2.00
Pokemon TCG Japanese Blue Perfect Skyscraper Golurk V 015/067 NM/M s7D$2.00
Alcremie TG08/TG30 -- Pokemon TCG Brilliant Stars -- NM - Mint Holo Full Art$2.50
Ariados TG09/TG30 - NM Brilliant Stars Trainer Gallery Character Rare Pokemon$2.50
Dracovish V 114/172 - Brilliant Stars - Ultra Rare Pokemon TCG Card NM/M$2.00
Melmetal V 047/078 Pokemon GO Holo Ultra Rare NM/M$2.00
Dedenne TG07/TG30 Full Art Brilliant Stars Pokemon TCG Ultra Rare Card NM - Mint$3.00
Pokemon V-MAX Climax S8b 011/184 RRR Orbeetle VMAX Japanese$2.00
Pokemon Shining Fates Ditto V 050/072 Ultra Rare Holo NM$2.00
Pokemon Card Japanese Rapid Strike Urshifu V 094/184 Holo Foil VMAX Climax M/NM$2.00
Shiny Stonejourner SV075/SV122 | Shining Fates Holo Rare | NM/Mint Pokemon TCG$5.00
Pokémon TCG Pikachu V SWSH Black Star Promos SWSH198 Holo Promo$3.00
Dhelmise V Ultra Rare - 009/072 Shining Fates - Pokemon TCG - Mint/NM$2.00
Pokemon TCG Pokemon Go 040/078 Conkeldurr V Card Ultra Rare NM / M$2.00
Blaziken V 019/184 RR Ultra Rare VMAX Climax S8B JP Pokemon | Near Mint/Mint$2.00
Pokemon - Breloom V - 006/264 - Ultra Rare - Fusion Strike - NM/M - New$2.00
Mightyena - TG09/TG30 - Holo Rare Astral Radiance Near Mint Pokemon TCG$3.00

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Welcome to AN2's Collectibles and More. My main focus is Pokémon cards as well as other trading cards. I sell various different sets that range from present day releases to vintage. My thrive is for customer satisfaction. I list my items with reasonable prices and am open to offers. 95% of the time I ship within 1 business day (I consider business days as Monday-Friday). Orders over $20.00 will be shipped using either USPS First Class or Priority. Items under $20.00 will be shipped with eBay standard envelope. Each item is always shipped in the safest way possible: ie sleeves, top loaders, cardboard and bubble wrap for protection in order to ensure that your item is received in the exact condition that it was sent in (100% positive feedback with packaging so far). Thank you for visiting and please do not forget to check out other items at my store!
If you have any problems please let me know and we will get it worked out quickly. I strive for your 100% positive feedback!
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