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A pair of all-black Converse All Star shoes. The soles of the shoe feature a thin white horizonal line that stretches along the entire shoe.

Understanding the Converse All Stars

Arguably the most recognizable shoe to mankind, the Converse All Star was a true pioneer.

A pair of white and black COMME des GARÇONS Converse Chuck 70s. One side of the shoe has the Converse All Star logo, while the other side has the red COMME des GARÇONS heart logo. The entire sole of the shoes are red.

Red soles make up the new COMME des GARÇONS x Converse Chuck 70

CDG PLAY and Converse’s popular collab returns with a new makeover.

A side shot of a white adidas shoe. The 3 vertical stripes on the side are yellow, orange, and pink.

Classic Sneakers Every Collector Should Have

Whether you’re a new sneakerhead or an avid collector, classic sneakers...

A display case showing various sneakers by various brands organized in a 3x4 grid. A single sneaker is shown on each shelf.

Tips on When to Flip Your Sneaker Collection

Explore when to hold onto your treasured kicks and when it’s time to let them go.

A side shot of a blue and white adidas Boost shoe. The heel and three stripes on the side are neon-green.

adidas Boost Sneakers: So Comfortable, You Won’t Want to Take ‘Em Off

What are the most comfortable adidas sneakers? Check out our top picks.

A pair of red, black and white Air Jordan high-top sneakers. The laces, Nike logo, and Air Jordan on the the tongue are a matching shade of gold.

Can You Fix Vintage Kicks That Are Falling Apart?

Whether your vintage sneakers are coming apart at the seams or discoloring...

A pair of white and silver Dior Air Jordan sneakers. The white sole of the sneaker features a light blue accent on the lower half. The Nike logo is filled in with Dior's logo in a repeating pattern.

The Most Famous Designer Brand Sneakers

There is another tier of sneakers that are miles away from the mainstream.

A pair of white Converse Chuck Taylor shoes. Just above the sole is a thin red stripe the stretches across the shoe. The sole has a thin black stripe that stretches across the back half of the shoe.

The Most Popular Entry-level Sneakers

It’s not everyday people can afford expensive sneakers...

A pair of navy blue New Balance sneakers with gray and white accents on the bottom and top. The blue parts of the shoe have a slightly fuzzy texture to them.

The most popular Made in the USA sneakers

Finding a sneaker brand that manufactures their products in the United States...

A pair of white and gray Onitsuka Tiger shoes with cream soles. The side of the shoe features a blue and yellow design.

Popular Sneakers Made in Japan

Japan has built a solid reputation when it comes to manufacturing sneakers.

A side shot of a black, blue, and red Nike high-top sneaker. On the back of the shoe, near the heel, the word 'Veracruz' is written in light blue.

What Makes a Sneaker Valuable on the Resale Market?

Knowing the story of a shoe release can help predict demand among collectors.

A black, cream, and green player exclusive high-top sneaker.

PEs Boost Any Sneaker Collection

Step Up Your Sneaker Game with Player Exclusives.

Four individual shoes in an X formation. From the top-left going clockwise is a white, gray, and cream Yeezy; a white and green Stan Smith shoe; a white, black, and gray Nike shoe; and a black and white Air Jordan shoe.

Want to Create the Ultimate Sneaker Rotation?

A sneaker rotation can help your shoes last longer.

A side shot of a tan Nike sneaker. The back of the shoe features a shiny, reflective, accent.

What’s Your Favorite Sneaker Ad?

Revisit some of the most iconic ads for sneakers from Nike, adidas, & Reebok.

A side shot of a black, white, and blue Nike sneaker.

The Origins of Sneakerhead Culture

Explore the backstory and history behind the emergence of sneakerhead culture...

A side shot of a white Nike sneaker with a tan-colored lower sole.

Upper to Outsole: Understanding the Parts of a Sneaker

Whether you’re buying or selling collectible sneakers, you need to know the correct terminology.

A side shot of a light-blue and gray Air Jordan sneaker. The shoelaces are orange, and the Nike logo on the side has tiny orange accents. On the sole, the word 'AIR' is written in black.

Collectors Are Embracing Designer Sneakers More Than Ever

From Dior sneakers for men to designer high-tops, luxury footwear is...

A pair of gray Branblack chunky sneakers. The top of the shoe has a grid pattern, with a the word 'BRAND' written on the side, extrending around the back. It has orange and white shoelaces, with small orange text that says 'VIBRAM' on the back of the sole.

Guide on the Most Popular Independent Sneaker Brands

Let’s take a look at some of the underrated brands that fly off the radar...

A side shot of a white Dolce & Gabana sneaker. On the side of the shoe is a cartoon version of two men from the waist up. One is bald, the other has a pampadour hairstyle, and both are wearing colourful tuxedos and domino masks. A Dolce & Gabana branded jukebox is behind them, as well as musical notes and several beads.

The most popular Made in Italy sneakers

This European country has also mastered their craft in making sneakers.

A pair of light-blue Converse All Star shoes with white shoelaces.

The Most Popular Sneakers for Teenage Girls

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular sneakers...

A side shot of a pair of white Golden Goose sneakers. The soles are cream-colored and the sides have a black star on them.

The complete guide to Golden Goose sneakers

A rather premium shoe brand that has a completely unique personality.

A pair of olive-green Onitsuka Tiger sneakers. The logo on the side is black and stretches down cutting into a small portion of the black soles.

The complete guide to Onitsuka Tiger

Onitsuka Tiger remains to be a consistent lifestyle shoe brand.

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