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Example: Men's blue adidas glide running shoes size 11. Cars & Trucks after model year 1981: Enter the VIN #

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eBay is a vibrant worldwide marketplace. There's no equal.

You want millions of people all over the world to see what you're selling? You're in the right place.

  • A pair of shoes sellsevery 2 seconds
  • A women's handbag sellsevery 6 seconds
  • A cell phone sellsevery 4 seconds

And, by the way, we have an entire team dedicated to protect you and every item you sell. This makes eBay a safe and secure place to sell your stuff.

It really is easy to sell on eBay.

List in minutes.
Snap some photos and write a great description. We'll help you price your item to sell.
Get paid quickly and safely.
When your item sells, we make the payment process easy for you and the buyer.
Ship it to its new home.
Box it up, print a label directly on eBay, and say farewell. It's that simple.
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If you have a business, or just want to run your eBay life like one, we've got powerful tools to help you manage your inventory and orders, track your sales and build your brand.
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Think you don't have anything to sell? Think again.

So many things sell great on eBay. Here's just a handful to inspire you.

Still got questions? No problem.

You might be new to the selling thing. We get it. Here are just a few questions that are frequently asked by our first time sellers.
  • I’m pretty busy. How long will it take to get my stuff up on eBay?
    We realize you want to sell your stuff right now. Our quick listing tool makes selling on eBay a snap. Once you’re signed into your eBay account, you’ll find guidance and tips that will help you list your item fast. Don’t have an account yet? It’s easy to set up an eBay account.
  • Is it really free to list?
    Most of the time, yes! All eBay sellers get 200 free listings every month, and it’s just 30 cents a listing if you go beyond that. You only pay seller fees when your stuff sells, which is a small percentage of the final price. Learn more about final value fees.
  • I want everyone to see my stuff. How do I do that?
    Now you sound like a seller! Helping buyers find your stuff begins with a great listing. Take great photos (you can post 12 of them for free), write a descriptive title, and describe your item with as much detail as you can. Do that and you’ll definitely increase your chances.
  • How do I get the best price for my item?
    You can decide to go for an auction-style or a fixed-price listing, and we'll help you decide the best way to list your stuff. Auction-style listings can be exciting, and you may earn a higher than expected price this way. With a fixed-price listing, you decide how much your stuff is worth. This might help sell it more quickly.
  • Selling sounds easy, but how do I get paid?
    Once your item sells on eBay, all payments are safely and securely handled by PayPal for an additional fee. If you’ve got an account, great! Just link it to your listing and your buyer will send the money to this account. Be patient, because it may take a little time for your buyer to send payment after purchase. If you don't have one yet, it's easy to set up a PayPal account.
  • What happens after my stuff sells? I still have to ship it out, right?
    Naturally! But we help you out there, too. You can print labels with postage right at home for shipping discounts up to 25% off. We even include some tips on how other sellers package and ship similar items. You can also sell your item with local pickup in mind -- just arrange a pickup time and location with your buyer after they’ve paid for the item.

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About selling on eBay

Selling your items online is a great way to clear space taken up by things you don’t need and make money at the same time. You can transform your used items into money with just a few words, pictures, and clicks of your mouse. Selling is all about making connections, and by using online selling sites like eBay, you can make more connections from the comfort of your own home than you could in person. When you sell stuff online you aren't limited by time or distance; you can put your things up for sale on your schedule and let buyers bid on theirs. All you need is an Internet connection and you're instantly in touch with a whole world of people who are actively looking for what you're selling. With a yard sale you might be lucky to get a few dozen people; when you sell on eBay you can reach over a hundred million. To succeed at selling, it takes a little more than just a quick description and post. You need to capture your audience's attention, and that takes communication. Start with the description; it's a great way to clarify things like size and technical specifications. Don't forget the pictures; they are key for how to sell online. Good pictures show potential buyers exactly what you have to offer, not the general details but the specifics of the one you're selling. Photographs bring your item's history to life and let bidders see exactly what you're selling. This works whether you are selling clothes or electronics because people want to see what they're getting. Let them see the shoes, the tablet, or the sparkle in that ring. Your words may provide the details, but your choice of pictures is the tool you can use to capture their attention. Happy Selling.

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