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Selling Wristwatches Online

With over 1.2 billion wristwatches made each year, it is clear that wristwatches are highly popular items. Omega SA, Rolex, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Seiko, and hundreds of other brands are sought after by enthusiasts as well as casual consumers. Wristwatches are made from different materials ranging from steel, plastic, alloys, precious metals, and leather. The styles are almost endless and match different consumer tastes from luxury and dress to everyday casual designs. If you've got one or more pre-owned wristwatches to sell, eBay is the place to sell as the platform provides tools that make it easy to effectively sell your wristwatches.

Know the different components

If you ask yourself, ""How can I sell my wristwatches online?"", knowing the components will help you determine the value of a watch. The watch crystal is the window that protects the face of the watch and is made from mineral crystal, mineral glass, and acryl. Straps can be made from plastics, leather, precious metals, and common metals as well as other materials. The watch case is the shell that protects the components and can be made from metals, plastic or precious metals like gold and silver. If you plan to sell wristwatches on eBay, it will benefit you to know the many different styles and types there are so that you can provide the right information in your description.

Know the different types of movement

Mechanical watches are wound by hand and have 100s or 1000s of intricate parts that keep the watch moving. The crown must be spun down which springs the internal mechanisms into action. Automatic watches are a little different as they use a rotor that is powered by the natural movement of the wrist. Quartz watches have a quartz crystal that vibrates. This regulates an electronic oscillator. Many watches today have quartz movement.

Know the different watch styles

There are many different styles of watches to think about. Casual watches tend to be less expensive, everyday watches that can be worn anywhere. Luxury watches are generally made from precious metals and stones which can cost many thousands of dollars. More specific function watches like sports watches offer features such as chronometers that track your exercise time, heart rate monitors and alarms. Dress watches are not overly flashy and are suitable for events like weddings, business gatherings or funerals. Diver watches are made from corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel, silicone or titanium and are designed to be fully submersible in water.

Know what customers want

If you plan to sell your wristwatches on eBay, learn what customers want so you can market yours properly. Tastes and trends change. High-end luxury watches made from gold, silver, and precious stones like diamonds may be popular one year, while the next year casual, inexpensive watches that feature colorful designs and common materials may be what is trending.