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Everything You Need to Know About Selling Women's Wedding Dresses Online

Women's dresses are an extremely popular item for online buyers. Going from a regular workday to a night on the town, dresses are a versatile garment. Whether you have a closet full of designer dresses or more casual ones, you are likely to find an audience of eager buyers. If you are thinking that you should sell your women's dresses online, eBay's easy-to-use Selling Tools make listing and selling items simple. If you ever thought, 'I should sell my women's dresses, but I don't know where to start,' then keep reading.

What types of dresses sell best?

While dresses are an incredibly popular item to sell online, you will want to ensure that you are listing items that will sell successfully. A great way to do this is to do a simple search of current trends in style. A general rule for selling pre-owned dresses online is that they should be no more than two years old. This helps to ensure that the trends are more current. You should also choose to list used dresses with minimal wear and damage.

How should I price my dresses?

In order to sell women's dresses successfully, you need to price your items appropriately. In general, you should list a pre-owned dress in good condition for about a third of what you originally paid. If the item still has its original tags, you may increase the selling price for the new dress. For items with more wear, you may want to decrease the listing price somewhat. Remember, if you are looking to sell items quickly, list reasonably priced dresses so you can make a faster sale.

What details should I include in my listing of dresses for sale?

When writing a description of your women's dresses, you need to be very detailed. Include the brand, the dress size, how old it is, and its condition. The more detail you add to your listing, the less likely it is that you will have to answer questions about the item or have it returned. Keep in mind that your description is like an ad for your item, so keep it fun. Let the buyer know what kinds of interesting experiences she could have in the dress so that she is more likely to buy it. Don't forget to add photos that show the entire dress as well as close-ups of the fabric, too.