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Getting Ready to Sell Your VHS Films Online

For many years, owning a vast collection of VHS tapes was the best way to watch movies at home. Even today, many people still collect VHS videos. Selling VHS films online allows you to connect your used tapes with eager buyers.

How can you assess the condition of your tapes?

When you sell pre-owned VHS films, it's important to let buyers know what shape they are in. VHS cassettes can last for many years, so even old tapes may still work very well. However, it's a good idea for you to carefully inspect the condition of each one before you sell it. First, examine the cover and the outer plastic of the tape itself. Next, lift the hinged side of the videotape so you can inspect the magnetic tape. Make sure that the tape isn't wrinkled, torn, or discoloured in any places. Report all your findings in your eBay listing. Full disclosure when selling VHS films leads to better buyer satisfaction and higher feedback ratings.

How do you consider the rarity of your VHS films?

Typically, the used VHS films that sell for the most money are ones that are out of print and not available on DVD. Some collectors will pay a good price to add old favourites to their home movie collections. This often includes documentary films from many years ago that are unlikely to ever be released in DVD or Blu-ray format.

If many of your VHS tapes are popular movies that are still in print today, don't think, "I won't be able to sell my VHS films." Rather, the secret to moving your stock of VHS tapes may be to select a different sales tactic. Instead of listing each movie individually, consider selling your stash of used VHS films as a lot. Some buyers enjoy the thrill of adding multiple pre-owned VHS movies to their collections at one time.

How do you keep your collection in resale condition?

If you like to sell VHS films online, it's smart to keep your movies in good shape. In general, you should store the tapes in their original cases. These may be cardboard sleeves or plastic clamshells. For good measure, you may want to slide cardboard sleeves into plastic protectors. If the original cases are no longer in good condition, you can transfer the tapes to replacement plastic storage cases. Stand the cases upright on shelves.