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Selling Books, Comics, and Magazines for Profit

If you have decided to sell your books, comics, and magazines online, you have to ask yourself whether or not you know everything there is to know about the trade in books and periodicals. There is a thriving trade in them among aficionados who appreciate the tactility and durability of paper. eBay’s Selling Tools make it easy for you to sell your used or new rare comics and books for some extra cash.

How do I sell my books, comics, and magazines online?

There are still avid book collectors and a very large market in books, something you'll learn as you begin selling books, comics, and magazines. You should first find out about the pound sterling value of your pre-owned book and then add an ISBN number.

You might also want to learn a bit about how to repair books that have been afflicted by various forms of injury, dust, and mildew. Never lie about or omit information about the condition of a used book, as the damage to your reputation as a vendor is simply not worth it. The recipient might send the book back and demand a refund. Make sure to package it carefully when you ship it.

How should I price my comics?

This is the big fish for anyone who wants to sell books, comics, and magazines. Comics are technically a form of ephemera but, unlike newspapers and postcards, their trade is basically an industry unto itself, and often a very lucrative one.

Make sure your used or new comics are organised by title and issue before anything else. Identify ones with physical damage, and try to determine if they can be repaired and how. Bag them in Mylar with acid-free cardboard to keep them safe. Rare and hard-to-find comics can be priced higher than comics that are still currently available.

To get a ballpark idea of how much they're worth, it wouldn't hurt to look at similar comics that are up for sale on eBay. This way, you'll get a good idea what you should charge and what other sellers are selling their comics for. When you gather your comics, make sure to take careful photos of the front and back, and describe their condition accurately and thoroughly.

Which magazines will be most profitable?

When you sell your books, comics, and magazines, you should know that the market for affordable magazines is smaller than the market for books or comics. The magazines that are most likely to be profitable are those that are rare or out of print, or which contain hard-to-find photos and interviews.