2020 Spring Seller Update

New ways to efficiently list your inventory and ship your orders, and enhanced guidance for more effective selling.

Updates to how you list

  • New category changes
  • New item specifics features
  • New Multi-User Account Access to see orders
  • Volume pricing for non-Store subscribers
  • Photo editing for instant white backgrounds
  • New Terapeak features in Seller Hub and Terapeak.com deactivation

Updates to how you ship

  • Send packages to international buyers with eBay international standard delivery
  • FedEx 2Day® rate reduction
  • New notification of missing item location ZIP Codes

Updates to how you promote

  • New “Offers to buyers” enhancements

Updates to how you service customers

  • Manage common selling issues with Seller Help
  • Updates to handling returns and cases
  • New protections against buyers you previously blocked

Updates to how you manage your financials

  • New features available to sellers who are in managed payments
  • Managed payments continues to expand globally
  • Managed payments for sellers with existing PPWC business loans

Updates to your user agreement

  • eBay intends to manage payments for more sellers in more markets in the near future
  • Clarification of which user agreement applies when you buy or sell in other countries
  • Know when we hold or restrict seller funds