Save on UPS® shipping costs with our new UPS shipping option on eBay Labels, and protect yourself against buyers’ claims by adding signature confirmation when you ship your orders.

What you need to know

  • Get lower UPS rates and more convenience with eBay Labels
  • New eBay Money Back Guarantee threshold for signature confirmation

UPS® on eBay Labels overview

UPS on eBay Labels coming soon

Later this month, UPS® shipping will be a shipping option on eBay Labels​. We are starting to provide some sellers with access to UPS shipping on eBay Labels now, and will make UPS shipping available to all sellers by late September. When you go to My eBay, you will be able to print a UPS label on the same way you print USPS and FedEx labels now. Tracking will automatically upload and you will be invoiced via your eBay monthly invoice. UPS rates through eBay Labels offer competitive pricing options and can help you save on UPS shipping costs.

Learn more​ about shipping with UPS on eBay Labels.

Ship with UPS on eBay Labels FAQs

When you purchase UPS​ labels on, you get three advantages—savings, convenience, and automatic tracking upload so that you and your buyers can track your shipments.

No. You can only purchase UPS labels on using your eBay account.

We support UPS​ ​domestic services including Ground Shipping, Overnight Delivery and 2nd Day Air. International services are not available at this time.

You can compare UPS and other carriers’ rates using our ​shipping calculator​.

Yes. You can print UPS labels in bulk on

New eBay Money Back Guarantee threshold for signature confirmation

Signature confirmation is a shipping option you can add to all orders. This is a good practice because it provides protection if buyers file claims for items not received. Starting October 19, 2020, signature confirmation will be required on order totals of $750 or more and will no longer be calculated based on item value. An order total includes all items purchased, taxes, and postage costs.

Because signature confirmation protection under the eBay Money Back Guarantee now applies to order totals of $750 or more rather than at an item level, items in orders previously not protected will now receive the same protection as the higher value items in that order.

Although you don’t need to take any action for this change, you may wish to consider the added costs when calculating your shipping pricing. If you don’t wish to purchase signature confirmation, you risk losing an eBay Money Back Guarantee case on that order.