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More managed payment options and features, and business efficiency with Multi-User Account Access

What you need to know

  • New managed payments features and more ways for buyers to pay
  • Easier ways to refund and new seller protections
  • Preview of what’s coming in managed payments
  • Increase your business efficiency with Multi-User Account Access

Managed Payments Overview

Expanding payment options for buyers and new business management features

In 2018, we announced managed payments, which gives buyers more ways to pay at checkout and enables you to organize your payments information all in one place on eBay. Since then, we’ve added new features, expanded payment options, and steadily increased the number of participating sellers.

More ways for buyers to pay

We recently added Google Pay, PayPal, and PayPal Credit as forms of payment to managed payments, which already included credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and Apple Pay.

New features to help you run your business

We’ve introduced new features that give you greater control and more visibility into your business.

  • Seller-initiated refunds for full or partial amounts. Participating sellers can issue full or partial refunds to buyers directly from Seller Hub or through our Issue Refund API.
  • Easier order management. New user-friendly order numbers now follow transactions through their entire life cycles so you can efficiently track and manage your orders from order initiation to payout.

Coming soon—more new managed payments features

In the coming weeks, we’ll add the following new business management features.

  • New Finances API. If you integrate using eBay APIs, you can update your integrations to view your payout information.
  • Issue multiple seller-initiated refunds. Participating sellers will be able to issue more than one refund per order, up to the full order amount.

In the future, we’ll add:

  • Simplified payment for shipping labels. You will have the option to deduct USPS shipping label fees from your pending payout.

How to offer more payment options to buyers

The rollout of managed payments to all eBay sellers is a multi-year journey and is currently available on a limited basis. In time, managed payments will be part of how all sellers run their business on eBay.

Learn more and stay on top of managed payments.

Managed Payments FAQs

It means that eBay will manage the end-to-end payments experience on the eBay platform. Buyers will be able to pay for their purchases on eBay using their preferred forms of payment, and sellers will be paid out directly to their bank accounts.

All eBay sellers will eventually be enabled for managed payments. If you have received a notification to register for managed payments, you can complete registration by verifying your identity and business information and adding a bank account to receive payouts.

Buyers can use credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and PayPal Credit on eBay, with the option to store their payment information for future use. Their experience will be just like other online retailers and they will not see or experience eBay’s processor at checkout. If a seller is participating in managed payments, all payment options offered by eBay that are compatible with the buyer’s device or browser will automatically show up during check out.

At this time, participation in managed payments is limited to those sellers whose businesses we can support with our existing feature set. Managed payments will be a multi-year journey. Over time, we will continue to expand the experience to more sellers. Hence, our pricing is specific to sellers who have been notified to participate in managed payments. Most sellers can expect to see savings compared to their current payments processing fees. All sellers will benefit from a consolidated billing structure and more visibility into sales and payouts. A new line item for payments processing fees will appear on your monthly eBay invoices, alongside your standard eBay selling fees. You will pay payments processing fees only to eBay, and not to a separate payments provider. If you have received an invitation to managed payments, you will receive more information on pricing before you register.

When we enable your account for managed payments, your existing eBay listings will be automatically transitioned to the new payment experience, which will reflect the different ways your buyers can pay for their purchases.

No. Participating sellers should not include any text about payment methods in their item descriptions. In order to prevent inaccurate listings and buyer confusion, sellers should ensure there are no references to payment methods in listings. Remember that buyers purchasing from participating sellers can pay with all forms of payments offered in managed payments, which include credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and PayPal Credit.

You do not need to take any action at this time. As soon as you are eligible for the new payments experience, you will receive an email to register your email address on file and in My Messages on your eBay account. Make sure you are signed up for emails from eBay. You can express your interest here.

Multi-User Account Access Overview

Increase your business efficiency with Multi-User Account Access

Now you can grant permissions to other users to access your account and perform specific functions on your behalf. Multi-User Account Access can improve your business efficiency by providing additional support for basic listing functions without exposing your password and critical business information to designated users.

Multi-User Account Access currently offers two selling permissions—“Create and edit drafts” and “Publish and revise listings”—and more permissions will be added in the future. Your account is safeguarded because your credentials and other private information are not shared with others.

How does Multi-User Account Access work?

The account owner may allow an authorized user to perform certain functions on behalf of the account owner. The account owner grants permissions to the authorized user to perform basic selling functions, which the authorized user agrees to perform on the account owner’s behalf. Authorized users must perform these functions using their own eBay accounts with their own passwords.

The account owner sets permissions and “invites” the authorized user to perform assigned functions. After an authorized user accepts the account owner’s invitation, the authorized user can access the account owner’s account and perform the assigned functions. Both account owner and authorized user manage their Multi-User Account Access invitations and permissions on the My eBay Account Settings page.

How can I start using Multi-User Account Access?

You must be opted-in to Seller Hub to allow another user access to your account. If you are not yet opted-in, you can opt in here. After you opt in, you can grant permissions to another user to act on your behalf. Go to My eBay > Summary > Account, and click Permissions under My Account to invite your users and grant them permissions.

Screenshot of My eBay Account page, and the option to Add a user

Invite a user to access your account and grant them permission to “Create and edit drafts.”

To grant access, enter the authorized user’s name and email address. We strongly recommend that authorized users keep a separate eBay account from a personal eBay account they may be using to buy and sell on eBay. This will help avoid potential confusion about the account they are using. After you select the permissions you want to grant to the authorized user, click “Add user.” The authorized user will receive an email invitation, accept it, and have access to your Listings tab in Seller Hub.

If the authorized user has an eBay account with the same email address, they will be taken to the eBay sign-in page when they accept your invitation. If the authorized user does not have an account with that email address, they will be taken to the Registration flow to create a new account with that email address.

Once signed in, the authorized user will have access to the account owner’s Listings tab in Seller Hub to perform the functions granted to them. They will not have access to any other parts of account owner’s Seller Hub content.

Authorized user’s view of the account owner’s Seller Hub screenshot

Authorized user’s view of the account owner’s Seller Hub.

Permissions can be updated and the changes take effect immediately. When the authorized user accesses Seller Hub, they’ll be limited to the functionality that the account owner granted to them.

You can revoke an authorized user’s access at any time.

Learn more about Multi-User Account Access.

Multi-User Account Access FAQs

US sellers who have opted into Seller Hub can authorize other users to perform functions on your behalf.

New or existing users with a US eBay account can be authorized users. After you accept an invitation as an authorized user, you cannot authorize access with the same account.

There is no limit to the number of authorized users that can act on your behalf. We recommend adding no more than 10 authorized users to your account to ensure a manageable process.

There is no limit to the number of invitations from account owners that you can accept.

Multi-User Account Access is currently limited to 2 selling permissions:

  1. Create and edit drafts
  2. Publish and revise listings

Authorized users can be existing eBay members or become new eBay members when they complete the Registration flow after they accept the invitation. If the email address you invite is not associated with an eBay account, that person will be taken through the Registration flow. If the email address you invite is already associated with an eBay account, that member will be taken to the eBay sign-in page when they accept the invitation.

Invitations automatically expire after 24 hours if not accepted. If you believe the wrong person received and accepted an invitation you sent, you can revoke the invitation on your My eBay Authorized users page.

As an authorized user, you can only act on behalf of an account owner in their Seller Hub.

In Seller Hub, you’ll see a blue banner across the top of the page that shows which account you are acting on behalf of. If you want to switch to another account, click on the “Switch account” link in the banner.

If you are not on a page that displays the blue banner, follow these steps to switch accounts:

  1. Click on the “Hi [your user name]!” greeting at the top left of the page
  2. Select Account Settings > Permissions
  3. Switch accounts on Account Access page

You can also switch accounts on My eBay:

  1. Go to My eBay Account access page
  2. Click on the “I’d like to” dropdown menu next to the account owner
  3. Select “Go to Seller Hub”

If you call customer support, please let the representative know that you are using the Multi-User Account Access feature, and which account you were acting on behalf of.