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eBay Authenticate

Shop with confidence when experts authenticate your favorite luxury handbags, watches, jewelry, and collectibles.

Why You’ll Love eBay Authenticate

Authenticity Verified

Experts verify item authenticity, so you can shop with total confidence.

Covered by eBay Money Back Guarantee

In case of any doubt, experts will inspect your item upon return. If the authenticity of the item can’t be verified, you will receive a full refund.

How It Works


1. Experts authenticate items listed on eBay.


2. Look for the “Authenticity verified” indicator on item listing pages and shop with confidence.


3. Your item will be sent by the eBay Authenticate seller.


What is eBay Authenticate?
eBay Authenticate is a program designed to help you shop luxury handbags, watches, jewelry, and collectible items with confidence. Experts carefully verify an item’s authenticity before it gets listed so you can be sure it’s authentic when you buy.

Does eBay charge buyers for purchasing authenticated items?
No. eBay Authenticate is free for buyers.

Which product categories are covered by this program?
eBay Authenticate covers luxury watches, jewelry, handbags, and wallets from leading brands, as well as collectibles such as coins, comics, and sports cards. We expect to expand eBay Authenticate to other categories in the future.

Who are the eBay Authenticate sellers?
eBay Authenticate sellers are a select group of our top sellers; whose authentication capabilities or products have been rigorously vetted by independent experts.

How can I tell if an item has been authenticated?
Items authenticated through this program are marked with the “Authenticity verified” indicator on the listing page.

How are items authenticated?
eBay has partnered with expert sellers who carefully verify the authenticity of each item.

What if I purchase an authenticated item, but I have doubts about its authenticity?
If you have doubts about the authenticity of your item, contact the seller and return the item in its original condition and with the eBay Authenticate tag attached (where applicable). The item will undergo another inspection, and if experts are unable to verify authenticity, you will receive a full refund. See details.

How does eBay’s Money Back Guarantee work with eBay Authenticate items?
eBay’s Money Back Guarantee covers all eBay Authenticate items with the returns process as described above. See details.

Terms & Conditions

eBay guarantees the authenticity of covered items (“Authenticity Guarantee”) on these terms and conditions.

Items Covered

Only items that are marked with “Authenticity Verified” are covered by the Authenticity Guarantee (“Covered Item”). eBay does not guarantee the authenticity of any other items. Look for this indicator on the item listings:

Returns when you doubt authenticity
  • If you question whether your purchase is authentic, you will need to select the return reason code “doesn’t seem authentic” in the return form. The item will be re-evaluated by experts within 5 business days after receiving your returned item.

  • If the expert is unable to verify the authenticity of the item, you will be refunded 100% of the item purchase price, plus any sales tax paid, in full and final settlement. No additional amount will be owed to you.

  • If the item is verified authentic, then the item will be shipped back to you.

  • If the returned item is not the same item as the one sold, not in the same condition as sold, or the eBay Authenticate tag (where applicable) has been removed or otherwise damaged, the return will not be accepted. If the seller paid for the return shipping label, eBay will charge you for the cost of return shipping. You can request to have the item mailed back to you at your expense, with no refund. The item will not be mailed back to you unless you have paid the cost of return shipping and the cost of having the item returned to you. We also reserve the right to exercise any and all remedies, including limits on or suspension of your ability to use eBay, and referral to law enforcement if appropriate.

Returns Summary

For returns when you doubt item authenticity, the chart below summarizes the outcomes for eBay Authenticate items that are returned in their original condition and with the eBay Authenticate tag intact (where applicable):

You return the item based on following reason: Expert Inspection Result
“it doesn’t seem authentic” Unable to verify authenticity 100% of purchase price plus any sales tax paid
“it doesn’t seem authentic” Authenticity re-confirmed Item is shipped back to buyer with signature confirmation
Any reason other than "it doesn't seem authentic" Not applicable Please see seller’s returns policy, or if applicable, eBay Money Back Guarantee

Third Party Services / No Agency

eBay does not take possession of any items that go through eBay Authenticate at any time.

Neither eBay nor the experts are affiliated with, or endorsed by, any of the Eligible Brands. The Services are provided independent of the Eligible Brands.