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Shopping Small Businesses on eBay—It’s a Big Deal

When you think about it, eBay has helped small businesses thrive for years. From cameras to cologne or home improvement to handbags, there’s something for everyone. You’ll even find trending toys and other great gift ideas for kids. Making a purchase from a small business can be smarter than you think. Many of our smaller sellers have been eBay members for years and have impressive quantities and selections of merchandise that fits your specific definition of perfect. Plus, you’re helping to keep local, smaller businesses thriving by helping them achieve their dreams.

Three Good Reasons to Shop Small Businesses

1. Unique products

Sometimes, big box chains are a blessing. But to find true treasures, one-of-a-kind gift ideas and locally-made specialty items, a small business is where it’s at. You’ll be able to find gifts and products that mean something more, and leave you or your recipient with a smile on your face.

2. Purchases help local communities

No matter where an eBay seller may be located, by shopping and purchasing from them, you’re helping the seller’s hometown and neighborhood to keep thriving.

3. You could help create jobs

When small businesses succeed, profits go back into growing and expanding. And that means hiring much needed help to keep up with demand. When you make a purchase from a small business, you’re helping to stimulate a local economy.

Tips for Finding Reliable Sellers on eBay

1. Check their seller ratings and feedback

If your ideal find comes from a small business that’s a Top-Rated Seller or consistently has positive ratings and feedback from buyers, you’re on the right track. This way you’ll know the seller is focused on quality and customer satisfaction.

2. Thorough and complete Title & Item specifics

When a seller provides complete information (plus clear photos) on the items they’re offering, it’s a good sign they’re going the extra distance to ensure your satisfaction and complete a sale. The more specific information, the better—both for you, and for them.

3. Smart Shipping Options

A successful (and smart) small business seller on eBay is also more likely to provide convenient and easy shipping options, such as Global Shipping or Fast ‘N Free Shipping. When they do, it offers quicker delivery while you can keep track of your shipment.