Sell Your Vinyl Records

Can I sell pre-owned vinyl records on eBay?

There are millions of buyers who are looking to buy pre-owned vinyl records on eBay. To sell your records fast and for a great price you should do a little research first on how to price your pre-owned vinyl records. Use this tool to have a better understanding of how much your vinyl records are worth.

Once you have a price in mind, you can begin to create your listing.

The first step is to write a great title for your item and include title of the album and artist.

You also need to take high quality photos of all your vinyl records. Here’s a guide for some helpful tips.

And finally, write as detailed of a description as possible. Don’t forget to include things like a full track listing along with the label the record was released under and the year the record was released as this tells collectors what edition of the album they're getting, which is important when it comes to value. And specify whether the record is a 45RPM, 33RPM, 78RPM or 12”, 10”, 7”.

How do I sell autographed vinyl records on eBay?

Buyers will pay more for autographed vinyl records and memorabilia that have been authenticated. So, if you have an official authentication make sure that you include it in product title and also product description. If you do not have authentication, try to add as many pictures as possible, which might help a buyer understand the real value of your vinyl records: e.g.: picture of a player together with the signed vinyl record. Alternatively, you can consider obtaining authentication from companies like PSA/DNA or JSA. Also, offering free returns gives your listing more credibility.

Finally, the value of autographed vinyl record is also determined by the record condition and the name of the player so make sure you include this in your listing too.

What is the best way to ship my vinyl records once they sell?

Please take care when shipping. Vinyl records are very fragile and need to be packed well to avoid damage during shipping. Some bulk suppliers offer boxes specifically designed for mailing albums, an option that's worth looking into if you have a lot to sell. Use protective padding such as bubble wrap to ensure that the item is still in its listed condition when it reaches your buyer. It may cost a little more to ship this way, but it's worth the investment considering that delivering a satisfactory buying experience is essential to your reputation as a seller.

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** Based on sales of vinyl records on eBay in December 2017.