Sell Your Guitar

How do I sell guitars on eBay?

Click on the Sell link located at the top of the eBay homepage to access the form to create your listing. You can narrow the description down to the exact year and model (electric or acoustic guitar) you’re looking to sell. Be sure to include any details potential buyers would be interested in, such as the types of pickups installed on the guitar or whether it’s made of any type of specialty wood. Make your listing stand out by taking a few clear, sharp pictures of your bass, lead, vintage or other guitar from multiple angles.

Can I sell guitars with customized necks and bodies on eBay?

While some guitarists tend to be particular about making customizations to an instrument themselves, many shoppers on eBay are looking for a guitar to which all the work has already been done. If you have an acoustic electric, electric, or other type of guitar with modified inlays on the neck or a body that’s been sanded down for lighter weight, there’s a good chance you may find a buyer with similar tastes. Be sure to go into specifics in your listing in order to let other musicians know exactly what makes your guitar different from a standard model.

Can I sell my vintage guitar on eBay?

Yes, you can sell your vintage guitar on eBay. With over 169 million active buyers and a guitar sold nearly every minute, vintage guitars sell very well. Make sure that you include “Vintage guitar” in your item description along with specific details about the age, condition, and authenticity.

Can I sell damaged guitars for parts on eBay?

Many guitarists browse eBay to look for an assortment of components for their guitar projects, so a damaged guitar still has a good chance of selling. If your guitar only needs minor work, for example, there may be a buyer who’s willing to take the time to repair it themselves. Even in the case of a complete rebuild, plenty of musicians looking for a new project may be interested in your cracked or broken guitar.

What else can I include when selling guitars on eBay?

It’s always a good idea to create goodwill with your buyers. Throw in any spare guitar picks you don’t plan on using as these can easily be included in the shipment. If it’s been awhile since the strings have been changed, a new set can also be shipped with the guitar without taking up much room. If the original pickups were removed but you still have them, feel free to include them as the new owner may prefer their sound.

What are the best ways to ship guitars after selling them on eBay?

Since the wood that guitars are made of can be very delicate, it’s best to ship them in a padded case to avoid any damage during transit. If you don’t have a case available, pack the guitar in a long, thin box with plenty of bubble wrap or foam padding. Be sure to loosen the strings as this removes some tension from the neck, and provide extra padding for the headstock since it contains the sensitive tuning pegs.

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**Based on sales of guitars on eBay in October 2017.