Sell Your China

How do I sell china and porcelain on eBay?

Whether you are moving and looking to downsize, replacing your old china dinnerware, or looking to sell some of your porcelain figurines, ceramics, or porcelain, the most important thing to consider when selling on eBay is to have as much information as possible. The more specific details you include in your description, the more potential buyers are likely to bid on your china. You might also want to search for similar china sets and pieces on eBay. You can use this research to write effective titles and descriptions of your items. And most importantly, take a good look at the china you want to list and carefully inspect each piece to accurately assess its condition. Be honest with your potential buyers. If certain pieces are chipped, cracked, or stained, include this information.

Do I need a complete china set if I want to sell my china on eBay?

If you are missing certain pieces of the set and only have a few pieces of a particular pattern, that’s absolutely fine. You do not need to have a complete set of your china to sell it on eBay. Maybe, like you, a buyer only has certain pieces of a particular pattern and just happens to be in search of the exact pieces that are tucked away in your attic. To clear space and make some extra money, get started by creating an eBay listing today to sell your china.

How do I get top dollar for my fine china sets, porcelain vases or ceramic bowls on eBay?

If you want to get top dollar for your china and porcelain, make sure to take the best possible pictures.

Shoot a variety of photos from different angles and be sure to get close-up shots of patterns or specific embellishments on the china. Try to take photos in soft light with no clutter or background.

Also, it’s important to choose the right selling and shipping format for your fine bone china sets. If you decide to list them as an auction-style sale, determine your starting cost based upon research of similar pieces selling on eBay. Typically, a lower starting price is likely to attract more bidders. You may also consider using a fixed-price sale if you know exactly how much you want to get for your china. Also, more bidders may be attracted to your listing if you offer free shipping. For more information about shipping visit seller shipping center.

What are the best ways to ship your china dinnerware and ceramic home decor after selling it on eBay?

Shipping fine china is the most risky part about selling china online. Be sure to practice safe shipping by purchasing plenty of bubble wrap, and being conscious about how you stack the china. For your convenience, you can order free eBay/USPS shipping Supplies here.

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** Based on sales of china and dinnerware on eBay in February 2018.