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Restaurant and Catering Equipment

The restaurant and catering industry has very specific cooking needs. To cook food for a wide variety of events, chefs must have the proper equipment on hand. Durable and efficient catering equipment makes it easier to accommodate many customers while cooking in unusual locations.

What equipment do restaurant kitchens use?

Preparing food in a commercial kitchen is much more challenging than cooking for personal events. Commercial kitchens require the following equipment.

  • Cooking utensils: Actually cooking food requires a wide range of tools. In addition to basic stainless steel pots, nonstick frying pans, and cooking utensils, commercial kitchens also need deep fryers, flat top grills, and other appliances.
  • Food preparation: The key to running a restaurant kitchen efficiently is food preparation. Most restaurants use stainless steel tables, cutting boards, knives, meat slicers, sausage grinders, and containers to prepare and store food before cooking.
  • Food storage: To easily access food, you need bins and racks that will organize spices and other food options. They need to be airtight and refrigerator safe to keep food from going bad.
  • Cleaning: Stainless steel sinks, pull out faucets, and water heaters are all essential for properly sanitizing dishes and equipment.
How is commercial kitchen equipment different?

Unlike a home kitchen, they need durable items that can withstand intense use and repeated washings, like stainless steel equipment. Food trucks may need smaller tools to fit into their limited space.

Do caterers need more equipment than kitchens?

Cooking professionally can be tricky at times, and it can get even trickier when you are going to a different location. In addition to basic cooking tools, catering staff will require this equipment.

  • Storage: A catering menu typically includes items that go bad if stored at the wrong temperature, so you need equipment to keep food chilled.
  • Multiple sets of cooking instruments: At any event, caterers may encounter guests with special dietary requirements. Having a clean pot to cook a vegan or gluten free menu in can be very helpful.
  • Serving equipment: To serve people at a party, catering staff need trays, tongs, towels, and napkins.
  • Warming materials: To keep all the food on your catering menu warm, you may need food trays, food warmers, or portable grills.
  • Drink materials: Catering menus typically include special cocktails or other beverages, so you need pitchers, straws, cocktail shakers, and drink stirrers.
  • Cleanup materials: At the average party, the catering will also need to clean up. This will require you to have garbage bags, plastic wrap, gloves, and foil.