Hello, 2018!

How should I kick off the New Year?

It's nice to have a time of year to consider trying something new, or to start over. Welcome to your clean slate. Set a goal for yourself, big or small, and let us get you there. To make a new activity into a habit, such as exercise routines or practicing a new skill, you need roughly 10 weeks of consistent work. No matter how big or small the undertaking, this is true of anyone, and anyone can set a goal for themselves at the start of the year, with time and planning. Just remember to know your limits, knowing what time you will have available, and the best possible means to execute your goal. The right equipment to start off the year can make the difference between reaching your goals or setting them aside until next year.

What can I find for fitness goals?

If getting fit or just hitting the gym a couple times a week is your intent, eBay has plenty to help you along the way. Dress the part for optimum comfort while you work out with:

  • Activewear for Her and Activewear for Him - From sports bras to muscle shirts, gym shorts to yoga pants, look and feel good while you work it out.
  • Athletic Shoes for Her and Athletic Shoes for Him - From running shoes to basketball shoes, give your arches optimal support.
  • Smart Watches - Whatever your activity, keep track of your steps, your calories, and more with the push of a button.

Perhaps you'd like to bring the gym home with you. Worry not! Whether you're benching your weight or just moving around a little more, eBay has every type of fitness technology you can imagine, catering to a range of weights, body types, and activity level to fit any goal, big or small. For little and big lifts, as well as core strength training, consider:

  • Kettle Bells;
  • Free Weights, and
  • Weight Benches.

To get on your feet and moving, whether it's for five minutes or an hour a day, try out a new:

  • Treadmill;
  • Exercise Bike; or
  • Elliptical Machine.

What can I find for eating better?

Perhaps this year you just want to try to eat better, or even just learn to cook a new, exciting dish! Whether it's your goal to cut calories by trading your deep fryer for an air fryer, or to bake your own bread for the first time, eBay has what you need to get started:

  • Bolster your diet with vitamins and minerals or a multitude of shakes and supplements.
  • Portion your food perfectly with food scales.
  • Learn new recipes with cookbooks from the best chefs in the business.
  • Make killer smoothies and shakes with blenders and juicers for any occasion.

What can I find for meeting my relaxation goals?

Everybody has stress, and sometimes the best goal you can set to improve yourself involves some much-needed rest and relaxation. Not everyone can go to the spa, and that's where eBay has you covered. The best part is that many of these can incorporate into your day to day routine with little change:

  • Indulge in mani-pedi musts, like foot spas or premium skin care regimens. Just apply or turn on and continue what you were doing before.
  • Aromatherapy equipment lets you take a minute, breathe and clear your head from virtually anywhere.
  • Bath essentials like soft loofahs, scented scrubs and oils and more turn your master bath into a short vacation, just for you, so indulge before heading to work.
  • Make your afternoon off, catching up on TV, into the ultimate spa experience with a massage chair that works out your knots while prime time works out its plots.
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