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What are some ideas for last-minute party decorating?

When gathering supplies for last-minute party decorating, get creative with items found in the home or venue. Fruit baskets lined with a festive napkin make great quick snacks, while cake stands are easy to decorate with flowers and party embellishments. Tie small balloons to glassware stems and sprinkle confetti or glitter over the tables. Chalkboards make creative tabletops, especially when designed to fit the theme of the party. Use wooden skewers and soft candies to make decorative candy kebobs, displaying them in a vase. Finally, embellish the party space with bouquets and clusters of flowers for a less traditional but still colorful theme.

What are some alternatives to wrapping paper for gifts?

When wrapping gifts for a holiday event or a party, paper alternatives add a unique touch to the items. Choose cellophane for a more creative wrapping option, or slip small gifts into colorful gift pouches. Tissue paper also makes a great substitute for wrapping paper, especially when layered. For quick packaging, choose a decorative gift box and wrap it in vibrant ribbon to keep the lid on tight.

What are creative ideas for party invitations?

Instead of simply sending a card, pass out creative invitations to create a memorable start to the party. Lottery-style scratch offs that come with a penny create suspense, while cards tied to DIY snow globe invitations made from mason jars serve as keepsakes. Hand out deflated balloons with the party information printed on the front and asks quests to blow them up, or staple a single teabag on the inside of a card inviting guests to a tea party.