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How to Enjoy a Football Game at Home or at the Stadium

Football has become as much of an American pastime as baseball, and getting ready to watch games at home with friends and family, or at the stadium itself, takes a little bit of planning. However, it’s well worth it to catch a regular season, playoff, or Super Bowl game. Before you begin to plan, there are a few options to keep in mind. You can:

  • Casually watch the game at home with friends or family.
  • Throw an intimate or large-sized party for a playoff game or the Super Bowl.
  • Go to the stadium to enjoy a live NFL or NCAA game.
  • Attend the stadium game with equipment in tow to tailgate and celebrate before the game.

How Do I Watch and Enjoy Football at Home?

Casual Watching vs. Throwing a Party

  • Casual watching - If you’re just having your closest friends over, it doesn’t require a lot of preparation. Televisions, or a good home theater system, are a must to see the game clearly. Many families, especially those where different family members root for opposing teams, like to wear their favorite NFL apparel for game day. You may also want to deck the house out with a few key sports collectibles. Signed helmets, NFL team throws and pillows, or displaying your favorite football cards are all great ideas.
  • Throwing a Party - You’d want a similar amount of team pride for a party, especially if your team is in the playoffs or the Super Bowl. A few key party supplies to have on hand includes cups, paper plates, and silverware, and some football-themed decorations. So you’re able to enjoy the game along with your guests, consider having food (like pizza or wings) delivered, taking a little bit of stress away from being the host. Game day is also a good time to display all of your football and sports collectibles.

How Do I Prepare for an NFL Game at a Stadium?

Attending the Game vs. Tailgating

  • Attending a Stadium Game - If it’s your first NFL game at a stadium, congratulations. You’re about to have an incredible time. So your experience is a bit more seamless, make sure to read carefully through the stadium’s rules before you arrive. For example, some stadiums only allow you to bring small, clear bags into the venue because of security reasons. It’s also a good idea to familiarize with parking procedures before arrival. Leave early, and allow yourself plenty of time to find your seats. If it’s cold or inclement weather is expected, be sure to bring hats, gloves, scarves, and ponchos. Most stadiums offer excellent food, so no need to pack a lunch. Most importantly, don’t forget your Super Bowl tickets, or other NFL tickets, including all of your pre-paid parking passes.
  • Tailgating and Attendance - It’s important to read up on the stadium’s rules, regulations, and parking if you’re tailgating as well. Tailgating involves a bit of prep, so plan to arrive when the parking lots open. Grab some party supplies, similar to ones you’d use at home, like paper cups and plates. Bring plenty of coolers to keep beer, water, and soda cold throughout the day. Portable grills are another important part of tailgating. Opt for one that easily fits in your trunk and is easy to clean. If you’re planning quite a big get-together in the lot, having generators on hand is also a smart idea to help power your equipment. This way, you can bring some smaller kitchen appliances from home (such as a griddle) to cook more game-day food.
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