Father's Day

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Happy Father's Day. Dad does so much throughout the year; he deserves to have his own special day. Make him feel special at least one day a year. Whether your dad is a tech geek, sports enthusiast, or golf lover, you can do all your shopping in one spot on eBay. Sure you could give him the old faithful necktie gift, but come on, he is the best man you know and deserves more than that. Remember, dads are just little boys in big boy bodies—he would probably love a drone to fly around the yard. The actual gift doesn't matter, what's important is that you took the time to shop and pick a gift that you feel dad will cherish for years. He'll appreciate whatever you get him because he knows you got it for him and you love him.

Go High-Tech

Dad always thinks about you before himself; it's time to put him first for once. Upgrade his old flip phone to a new cell phone or move him up from that small, hard to watch TV to a large, eye-popping smart TV. Maybe you simply want to update his old Windows 98 computer to a fancy laptop he can take with him on the go. Music loving dads would probably enjoy getting a new portable audio system so he can play his favorite tunes anywhere.

Make Him Look and Smell Good

For men who prefer to look and smell good over physical activity, give him the gift of his favorite cologne, you know the one he refuses to spend money on or how about a high-end watch with all the bells and whistles he deserves. Another idea for the man who loves you unconditionally is a new, stylish wallet. The one gift you'll get to see every time you ask for money.

Hole In One

Before dad heads out to the golf course, dress him in fashionable golf clothing, have him step into comfortable shoes, and of course, give him golf clubs and balls that will improve his game. However, if you feel he needs a little practice before he goes out in public look at golf training aids that can be used in the privacy of his own home or backyard. Of course, the ultimate gift for your golf loving man would be a golf cart.

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