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Dog Supplies

The online dog supplies you need for your best friend

You love your furry companion, but there’s a lot he needs to stay healthy and happy. At eBay, you can buy dog supplies online all in one place. From dog crates and dog harnesses to car booster seats, you’ll find plenty of accessories and dog grooming supplies to make sure your puppy is well cared for.

Keep your canine comfortable

eBay makes buying dog supplies easy. Choose from our selection of comfy dog beds so Fido can curl up in after a long day of play. Smaller breeds may like to snuggle up in a nest-style bed, while a supportive mat is a soft spot to sleep that can easily be moved from place to place. If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, dog houses can protect him from the elements. Make sure to fit your furry friend with one of our dog collars and a set of dog tags, just in case he wanders off.

The finest foods for Fido

Whether you choose dry or canned food, browse eBay’s dog supply shop for food and treats made specifically for your dog’s age, activity level and breed. Kibble that contains natural ingredients is the healthiest choice, so try options like Blue Buffalo dog food that stick to real meat and mimic the diet your dog would have in the wild. For dog training rewards or a well-deserved snack, try dog biscuits and cookies that will have your pup begging for more. A rawhide will also keep him entertained for hours, strengthen his jaw and help to clean his teeth.

Dress up your dog
You can find a whole range of dog costumes across eBay’s online dog supply stores to ensure Fido is the cutest pooch on the block. From lion manes, bow ties and dresses to fully accessorized Halloween costumes, we have the costumes (and dog toys to match) that your pooch needs. If you’re looking for something more practical, a nylon rain coat will keep your dog dry during a shower. Or, browse dog coats and jackets to find the perfect fit for any breed and help your four-legged friend stay warm in the winter.