Direct from the Artist

What are the benefits of buying art direct from the artist?

Artwork sold directly by the artist is typically less expensive than art gallery pieces, as the artist does not need to pay a commission to the dealer or gallery owner. The buyer also has an opportunity to learn about the artwork itself, such as the inspiration for the painting or the biography of the artist. Additionally, some creators do not offer their works at galleries or through art resellers. As such, the only way to purchase their original artwork is to buy it direct. Buyers may even be able to reach out to the artist in the future to purchase additional pieces to add to their collections.

How do you start an artwork collection?

Before purchasing the first piece for an art collection, do some research to narrow down the potential artists, media type, and artistic style. While some collectors choose to collect a specific artist, others may prefer pieces painted during a particular period or featuring a certain theme, such as exotic landscapes or watercolor portraits on canvas. Above all else, each of the pieces in the collection must have an emotional connection to the buyer or reflect a personal sense of style. Research every piece to learn as much as possible about the artist, the value of the artwork, and the story behind the painting. If possible, retain all documentation, as this can prove provenance for the work and increase its value.