Collectible Sneakers

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Indulge Your Inner Sneakerhead

Some sneakers are designed for keeping your feet warm and dry, while others help you perform a specific task, from running a marathon to looking professional at work. And then there are the shoes that are made to show off, whether on your feet or on your shelf. eBay's collectible sneaker selection is sure to have something for even the most discriminating shoe fan.

Find Your Footwear Fit

Start your collectible sneaker search by assessing your specific needs. Are you looking for new basketball shoes that you can show off on the court, a pair of running sneakers or something cool to wear on the weekends? Or maybe you're shopping for a pair of truly exotic sneakers that will be worn strictly for special occasions—or not at all. Whatever the activity you've got planned for your sneakers, eBay's got you covered.

Shop for Classic Sneakers

Certain sneakers will always be in style. Nike's Air Jordan brand has been a major player in sneaker culture since the 1980s, with many evolutions over the years—at eBay you'll find the Air Jordan 6, Air Jordan 11 and other popular iterations of the shoe. Nike's Foamposite shoes have also been a favorite of collectors since the 1990s. The Reebok Pump was first released in 1989, and you'll find both vintage and modern versions of the sneaker on eBay, as well as classic designs from Under Armour and Puma.

Channel the Next Generation of Ballers

If you prefer to show your love of more modern legends, browse eBay's selection of shoes bearing the names of contemporary basketball champs like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant. They'll look great in the closet, on the shelf or on the court—whichever you prefer.

Kanye's Here

Kanye West may be better known for his skills in the studio than on the basketball court, but why shouldn't he have his own line of sneakers? Air Yeezy, a collaboration between Nike and the hip-hop star, was the first full non-athlete collaboration for the athletic company, and the shoes are a favorite of collectors.

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