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If you are new to coin collecting, then you may not have made the pilgrimage yet. Eventually, though, nearly every collector visits a coin show. Whether you start your year at the FUN Show in Florida, head out to one of the Whitman coin shows in Baltimore or hit up the ANA Show at the end of the summer, it is always fun and always a treasure hunt. eBay is just that, except on a much larger scale. We have respected dealers from all over the United States who sell U.S. coins. We’ve got Mercury dimes, Buffalo nickels, Peace dollars and many Morgan dollars. Need a 1792 Bust Disme to complete a collection? On most days, we’ve got it. How about an MS 66 Silver 3C? You might just find it here. We may not have a typical coin show’s display cases (though you can buy them here), convention center food and miles of walking, but we do have many more U.S. coins than would fit into any conference hall.

Professional Dealers

eBay partners with and sponsors the Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG). You can easily identify these sellers by seeing the “PNG” logo on the search page or on the individual coins they have for sale. PNG members are held to the highest industry of trust, professionalism, stability and ethics. We also have individual collectors who sell pieces on eBay as well. Many people who share the passion for collecting chat on our coin bulletin boards.

Collectible U.S. Coins

The first coins used in the New World were early colonial issue coins dating back to 1652 with issues from Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Jersey, as well as coins minted by other countries. The first official U.S. coin dates back to 1792, when Congress passed the Coinage Act to establish the U.S. Mint. President George Washington appointed David Rittenhouse as the first director of the Mint. After the Mint produced the first circulation coins (some 11,178 copper coins), they later produced the first gold coins, including the $5 Half Eagle and the $10 Eagle.

Since then there have been various coins minted by the U.S. government, from the 1-cent Indian Head, to the 3-cent silvers and nickels, Mercury dimes, Seated Liberty quarters, Morgan dollars and many designs and denominations in between.

Collectors may begin by collecting all coin denominations from a specific year, or all coin varieties from a specific series. Or they may collect their way through different die varieties. Collecting error coins can be interesting, challenging and a lot of fun.

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Whether you want to sell U.S. coins from your current collection or you are starting a coin-collecting hobby, eBay is the place to begin searching. Find everything from gold novelty coins to PCGS-certified U.S. half dollar coins to uncirculated U.S. coin rolls to mint sets and more. Come to browse, stay to collect.

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