Cell Phone Accessories

Save up to 50% on cases, chargers, and more.

Accessorize Your Samsung Galaxy Note8

Save up to 50% on cases, chargers, and more.

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Cellphone Accessories

Accessorize Your Phone

Like a trusted friend, your phone is always with you, full of important contacts, photos and information—both work-related and personal. You’d be lost without your cellphone. Cellphone accessories not only help make your phone even more useful but allow you to reflect your personality and protect your valuable investment.

From cellphone audio docks and speakers to stylish cases and covers to Apple armbands, eBay has a huge selection of cellphone accessories. Have some phone accessories for an old phone you no longer use? Sell them on eBay and get some cash to use toward a new Apple Watch, iPhone 6 case or nice set of portable speakers for your upgraded cellphone. Whether you want to sell or buy cellphone accessories, eBay’s the place to start.

The Hidden Power Behind Your Cellphone

We don’t think much about cellphone batteries. We plug our phones in, wait for them to charge and take for granted they will power on with maximum juice. But just like any cellphone accessory or part, cellphone batteries wear out. After a while, they need to be replaced. Swapping out a cellphone battery with a new one is much less expensive than buying a whole new phone. On eBay, you’ll find batteries for every make and model of phone—Samsung, Apple and LG—to get you talking and texting once again.

Let eBay Be Your Source for Phone Accessories Online

If you are someone who loves cellphone accessories, why not get all the latest gadgets for your phone? With prices so low, you can buy those smartphone accessories you’ve had your eye on. eBay carries cellphone accessories that are functional, such as a charger, battery or car mount, as well as some mobile phone accessories that give your phone a little flair, such as a rhinestone-studded case or a sturdy blue OtterBox cover. Shop all the top name-brand cellphone accessories online—from a Samsung Galaxy S5 case or armband to a charger for the latest Apple iPhone. eBay is your cellphone accessory one-stop shop.

And coming soon…

The long-anticipated iPhone 8 series is coming, meaning one of the most popular and most powerful smartphone lines is getting a major upgrade. Millions of iPhones have been sold globally, but the 8 promises some spectacular specs. With an energy-saving OLED screen the new series of iPhones will have a longer battery life and a much faster processor ever before. There’s also rumors of wireless charging and a facial recognition feature built right into the new Apple line of iPhones. Of course, a new iPhone series means new accessories. Even though the 8’s battery will be top of the line, a backup battery pack could help you out in an emergency. A new case is a must-have if you want to keep your phone in pristine condition and protect it from the elements.

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