Art from Dealers & Resellers

How do you choose the ideal work of art for a home?

First, the artwork should align with the overall design scheme of the room. The color of the walls and other decorative elements are key factors to consider. For example, an orange-and-red abstract piece may not blend well with a lavender country garden theme. The size of the art is also important. For a statement piece, opt for larger framed artwork that occupies more wall space and serves as a focal point. Lastly, carefully consider the frame of the art. Many works of art from dealers and resellers come with frames. If the frame does not complement the existing decor it may need reframing, which can be costly for larger pieces. Apart from the aesthetics of the art, it is also wise to consider the artist, monetary value, historical significance, and subject matter of the piece.

What is mixed media art?

Mixed media art consists of at least two different forms of creative media. A watercolor painting that features paper cut-outs or craft embellishments is an example of a mixed media piece. Fabric, natural objects, paint, photographs, buttons, and ribbons are just some of the media one can use to create a mixed media masterpiece. In many cases, an artist places one medium on top of another to create a layered 3D effect, making this type of art popular for home decor and gallery exhibits. It is also an art form that allows for greater creative freedom, as there are no limitations to which media an artist can use to construct works of art.