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eBay acronyms

Here are common abbreviations you’ll find in listings and on eBay discussion boards. If there's an acronym in a listing that you can't find here, or if the meaning is still not clear, contact the seller to find out the meaning of the term. You can also post your question to other eBay members in The eBay Community.


B&W: black and white

BC: back cover (usually used as a description for books)

BIN: Buy It Now

CIP: customer initiated payment

DOA: dead on arrival (an item that doesn't work or is broken when it's received)

DSRdetailed seller rating (additional Feedback ratings buyers can give sellers)

EST: Eastern Standard Time

EUC: excellent used condition


FAQ: frequently asked questions (a list of questions with answers.)

FB: Feedback

FC: fine condition

FOB: freight on board (usually means something has shipped)

FS: full screen (usually applied to a DVD or video format)

FVF: final value fee

G: good condition

GBP: Great Britain pounds

GU: gently used (item that has been used but shows little wear, accompanied by explanation of wear)

HP: home page

HTF: hard to find

HTML: hypertext markup language (the language used to create web pages)

IE: Internet Explorer

IM: instant messaging

INIT: initials

ISP: Internet service provider (a company that gives you access to the Internet)


JPG: JPEG (preferred file format for pictures on eBay, pronounced "jay-peg")

LTBX: letterbox (video format that recreates a widescreen image)

LTD: limited edition

MNT: mint or in perfect condition (a subjective term that doesn't necessarily mean new)

MIB: mint in box

MIJ: made in Japan

MIMB: mint in mint box

MIMP: mint in mint package

MIP: mint in package

MNB: mint no box

MOC: mint on card

MOMC: mint on mint card

MONMC: mint on near mint card

MWBT: mint with both tags

MWMT: mint with mint tags


NARU: not a registered user (also a suspended user)

NBW: never been worn

NC: no cover

NIB: new in box

NM: near mint

NOS: new old stock

NR: no reserve price (for an auction-style listing)

NRFB: never removed from box

NWT: new with tags

NWOB: new without box

NWOT: new without original tags

OEM: original equipment manufacturer

OOP: out of print

PST: Pacific Standard Time


RET: retired

SCR: scratch

S/O: sold out

Sig: signature

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