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Selecting a theme

The theme is the "wrapper" around the content of all your store's pages. It creates your store’s unique look and identity.

Elements of a store theme are:

  • Store header: Runs across the top of the page and displays your store name. The header in any theme can be expanded by adding HTML or text.

  • Left navigation bar: Includes a search box and links to your custom categories.

  • Custom page navigation: Includes links to custom pages you've created.

  • Store footer: Runs across the bottom of the page and displays standard information such as your user ID.

There are two types of themes to choose between:

  • Predesigned themes offer professionally designed background graphics and color combinations. These can help you save time creating an appealing, consistent look for your store.

  • Easily customizable themes lend themselves to creating a more custom look. Use a customized theme if you'd prefer to have more control over the colors in your store.

As you look over the themes, also consider these options:

  • Custom page links can appear as part of the left navigation bar or as part of the header across the top, depending on the theme you choose.

  • Most themes include a designated slot for a logo. The only exceptions are the Minimal Header themes.

  • The two classic themes include a designated slot for showing a store description.

You can edit the colors and fonts of a theme or change to a different theme at any time. Experiment and find the theme that works best for you!