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Using AdChoice


With AdChoice you can choose whether to receive customized advertising on eBay or on the websites of our advertising partners.

When you search, browse, and interact on eBay and our affiliated websites, the information we collect about you can help make the ads you see on eBay more relevant to your interests.

Are you looking to manage email notifications you receive from eBay, including direct marketing emails? Read our article on Changing your communication preferences.

How AdChoice works

Advertisements—on and off eBay—that are part of the AdChoice program have an AdChoice link and icon. When you select the link or icon, you'll get more information about AdChoice, as well as options to specify your advertising preferences.

Clicking on the AdChoice link or icon reveals a pop-up window – you'll be able to access and read our User privacy notice from here. If you can't see the pop up, you might need to disable your pop-up blocker.

Opting in or out of AdChoice

Follow these steps to opt in to AdChoice customized ads:

  1. Go to our AdChoice page.

  2. In the May we use your eBay activity to show you customized ads? box, set the toggle to Yes.


Follow these steps to opt out of AdChoice customized ads:

To opt out for a single browser:
  1. Go to our AdChoice page.

  2. In the May we use your eBay activity to show you customized ads? box, set the toggle to No. You'll no longer receive customized ads on the browser you're currently using.

If you use other browsers and devices to access the internet, you'll need to opt out on those browsers and devices as well.

If you opt out, you'll still see ads with the AdChoice link and icon, but the ads won't be customized for you.

Your AdChoice preferences stay on even if you are not signed in to eBay, and as long as you haven't deleted the cookies in your browser.

Specifying your AdChoice preferences from an advertisement

You can specify your AdChoice preferences using the link in an AdChoice ad. Here's how:

  1. Select the AdChoice link on an ad that has the AdChoice icon. You'll see information about the ad and the advertiser's privacy practices.

  2. Select your options, such as whether you'd like to opt out of all personalized advertising, or just from that particular advertiser.


How your information is used and shared

We take your privacy very seriously so we don't share any personally identifying information with any of our partners. We may work with other websites or ad networks to help bring you relevant ads, and these partners may also have access to some of the information we collect. We have controls in place designed to prevent them from identifying you.

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