Z-Man MFH115-03PK5 Micro Finesse ShroomZ 1/15 Ounce Glow 5 Pack Jig Heads

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1/30oz-01PK5 - RED (MFH130-01PK5)
1/20oz-01PK5 - RED (MFH120-01PK5)
1/15oz-01PK5 - RED (MFH115-01PK5)
1/10oz-01PK5 - RED (MFH110-01PK5)
1/30oz-02PK5 - CHARTREUSE (MFH130-02PK5)
1/20oz-02PK5 - CHARTREUSE (MFH120-02PK5)
1/15oz-02PK5 - CHARTREUSE (MFH115-02PK5)
1/10oz-02PK5 - CHARTREUSE (MFH110-02PK5)
1/30oz-03PK5 - GLOW (MFH130-03PK5)
1/20oz-03PK5 - GLOW (MFH120-03PK5)
1/15oz-03PK5 - GLOW (MFH115-03PK5)
1/10oz-03PK5 - GLOW (MFH110-03PK5)
1/30oz-04PK5 - BLACK (MFH130-04PK5) (Out Of Stock)
1/20oz-04PK5 - BLACK (MFH120-04PK5)
1/15oz-04PK5 - BLACK (MFH115-04PK5)
1/10oz-04PK5 - BLACK (MFH110-04PK5)
Model: ( JIGHEADS - MICRO FINESSE SHROOMZ ). MPN / SKU: ( MFH ). ALL WARRANTY CLAIMS for Defective Product MUST be submitted direct to the Z-Man factory, not us as the Dealer. And FINALLY, as always, we are here to serve you, just as the Good Lord has served all of us!