Topps 2000 PokémonTV Animation Series 2 Hobby Box (36 Packs per Box)

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New/Factory Sealed
Series 1 (Out of stock)
First Movie Series
Series 2 (Out of stock)
Series 2 ( Jessie & James Pack...
Series 2 ( Ash & Pikachu Pack ...
Series 2 ( Ash & PokeBall Pack...
Series 2 ( $1.99 Pack Art )
Series 2 ( Collector's Edition )
Series 3 JOHTO (Out of stock)
1x Booster Pack
Brand NEW Sealed Booster
(( Please Note These Topps Booster Packs are “ NEW Factory Sealed “. Bare in Mind there Nearly 25 Years Old so some Booster Packs won't be Pack Fresh. Some Packs are better then others on the Packaging ONLY. All Cards inside Should be completely fine but We can't Guarantee that the cards won't be slightly sticky on the inside due to the age. If this should happen carefully peel each card off the other ok, We are not responsible once the boosters are opened. It's Very Common Theme in Pokemon Topps Cards because of the gloss on each card Sticking to one another over the years.