1 NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil JEP 619 Rust Color

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SH01 - Pencil Sharpener (Out of stock)
JEP601 - Black Bean
JEP602 - Dark Brown
JEP604 - Milk
JEP605 - Strawberry Milk
JEP607 - Horse Raddish (Out of stock)
JEP608 - Cottage Cheese
JEP609 - French Fries
JEP611 - Yogurt
JEP617 - Iced Mocha
JEP619 - Rust
JEP623A - Purple Velvet
JEP625 - Sparkle Nude
JEP626 - Knight
JEP627 - Cobalt (Out of stock)
JEP630 - Cashmere (Out of stock)
JEP633 - Iced Latte
JEP634 - Frosting
JEP635 - Sherbert
JEP636 - Donut
JEP637 - Macaroon
JEP638 - Matcha
JEP639 - Cupcake
JEP640 - Frappe
JEP641 - Blueberry Pop
JEP642 - Eggplant
NYX Professional Makeup Jumbo Eye Pencil is a double, dare we say triple threat?. This radiant eyeliner crayon doubles as an eyeshadow and even a highlighter! Our most voluptuous pencil yet, this eye pencil is truly our eye-and-every-thing eyeliner pencil!