Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chrome Eyeshadow Bronze Sheen 540

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New without box
510 Beige Luster (Out Of Stock)
520 Khaki Kool
500 Gilded Rose (Out Of Stock)
530 Fool's Gold
540 Bronze Sheen (Out Of Stock)
550 Electric Emerald
560 Bold Sapphire (Out Of Stock)
570 Sharp Purple (Out Of Stock)
580 Silver Spark (Out Of Stock)
590 Gunmetal
510 Beige Luster(seal-broken) (Out Of Stock)
540 Bronze Sheen(unsealed)
580 Silver Spark(unsealed) (Out Of Stock)
520 Khaki Kool(seal-broken)
500 Gilded Rose(seal-broken) (Out Of Stock)
540 Bronze Sheen(seal broken) (Out Of Stock)
550 Electric Emerald(unsealed)
Available in a collection of liquid eyeshadow shades. We stand behind all our products.