NYX Butter Gloss BLG15 Angel Food Cake

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BLG01 - Strawberry Parfait
BLG02 - Eclair
BLG03 - Peaches & Cream
BLG05 Creme Brulee
BLG06 - Peach Cobbler
BLG07 - Tiramisu
BLG08 - Apple Strudel
BLG09 - Vanilla Cream Pie
BLG10 - Cherry Cheesecake
BLG11 - Maple Blondie
BLG12 Cherry Pie
BLG13 - Fortune Cookie
BLG14 - Madeleine
BLG15 - Angel Food Cake
BLG17 - Ginger Snap
BLG18 Cupcake
BLG19 - Sugar Cookie
BLG20 Red Velvet
BLG21 Rasberry Tart
BLG22 Devil's Food Cake
BLG23 Peach Crisp
BLG24 - Cranberry Biscotti
BLG25 - Strawberry Jam
BLG26 Cotton Candy
BLG27 Red Wine Truffle
BLG28 - Pink Buttercream
BLG29 Sugar Plum
BLG30 Black Berry Pie
BLG31 - Sunday Mimosa
BLG33 - Raspberry Pavlova
BLG34 - Gelato
BLG35 Bit Of Honey
BLG36 Sorbet
BLG37 OrangeSicle
BLG38 Summer Fruit
BLG39 Rocky Road
BLG40 Apple Crisp
BLG41 Cranberry Pie
BLG42 CInnamon
BLG43 Marshmellow
BLG44 Blueberry Tart
Butter Gloss: Buttery soft and silky smooth, our decadent Butter Gloss is available in a wide variety of sumptuous shades; Each glossy color delivers sheer to medium coverage that melts onto your lips.