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2008 Volkswagen Rabbit

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2008 Volkswagen Rabbit

About the 2008 Volkswagen Rabbit

The Volkswagen Rabbit, as it is referred to in North America, was rebadged as the Golf for the 2010 model year. It is a small family car that began production in 1974 as a small front-wheel drive vehicle. The Rabbit gained popularity due to its small size and hot hatch" version that featured a 1.1-liter engine. Since it is intended for family use, a party of four can fit comfortably within its interior while enjoying the smooth ride that the Volkswagen brand is known for.

The current generation of Rabbit, or Golf as it is now called, has a new improved aerodynamic shape, which helps its fuel economy. It is also much quieter than previous models in its lineup. To increase its power, the Rabbit was given an optional turbocharged direct injection diesel engine and an optional adaptive chassis control that allows the driver to select different modes of the suspension.

Throughout its history, the Rabbit has remained a small car with relatively low power, but is not short of options. The first generation ran from 1974 to 1984 and was flawed only because of poor braking. This improved over time, including the overall body as it was redesigned in 1991. It kept the overall shape, but smoother curves were introduced and rectangular lights replaced the circular headlamps of previous models. The 2011 Golf/Rabbit is even more rounded, and the aerodynamic design improves fuel economy, giving it a combined 34 miles per gallon.

Despite the Rabbit's size, the interior is quite roomy, providing sufficient legroom for both front and rear passengers. Interior options such as Bluetooth are available, as well as stereo with touch-screen interface and iPod interface. The hatchback allows for easy loading and unloading of groceries or supplies, and a bike rack can be mounted to the top or back. Because of its great fuel economy, the Rabbit is a reliable and joy-filled vehicle for city cruising.

Since the redesign and rebadging in North America, the Rabbit has received rave reviews from both drivers and the press. The 2010 Rabbit, or Golf as it is now known, was named "World Car of the Year". In the Kiplinger reviews, the 2010 model won "Best-in-Class" for cars under $20,000, including "Best New Model" under $20,000. This model was created for driving and easy usability, and Volkswagen seems to have excelled in both categories. The low-cost option gives buyers of all ages a dependable form of transportation that is both fun to drive and good on gas mileage. ... View more

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