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Oldsmobile Intrigue

About the Oldsmobile Intrigue

The Oldsmobile Intrigue was introduced by Oldsmobile as the successor to the highly popular Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme in 1998. This mid-size, front-wheel drive, 4-door sedan was manufactured at the GM Fairfax plant located in Kansas City, KS, as the Oldsmobile phase-out began. The car platform was the W-body, second generation, teamed with the 3.5L LX5 DOHC 6-cylinder engine, the most powerful engine as standard equipment on any W-body car. Intrigue used a 3.8L L36 OHV V6 engine prior to 1999. Horsepower for the early 1998 model 3.8L, 231 CID engines ran at 195 hp, and for the 3.5L, 215 CID engines used on 1999 through 2002 models, 215 hp.

Intrigue was fitted with a 4-speed, 4T65-E automatic transmission, with overdrive. Fuel economy in 2002 was respectable at 20mpg city and 30mpg highway. MSRP was set at $23,160 to $28,070, depending on model and options. Intrigue had three trim levels, the base GX model, mid-level GL, and top-line GLS. In 1999, the new Intrigue was given a small Oldsmobile badge as viewers had no way of knowing it was an Oldsmobile. OnStar service was optional, and all models received thick leather wrapping on the steering wheel.

Oldsmobile Intrigue was meant to replace Cutlass Supreme, but in 2000, GM announced they would discontinue the Oldsmobile brand in a few years. Intrigue was followed by the Alero for a short run until closure of the company in 2004. Options for Intrigue included an exclusive 140 mph speedometer. The Autobahn package included 12-inch front brake rotors, a higher differential ratio of 3.29, H-rated tires, ceramic brake pads and a 128 mph speed limiter. The Autobahn package was also named the Precision Sport Package with Vehicle Stability control added, but larger brake rotors excluded. In 2002, Oldsmobile created the Intrigue Final 500 Collector's Edition models with a special Dark Cherry Metallic Paint and fitted with 17x7.5 chrome wheels.

Options, luxury features, styling and price all were important to buyers of Oldsmobile Intrigue. For 2000, the car sported new wheels that had a fancy 6-spoke design. Another option was the antiskid feature, Precision Control System. This option was only available if ordered with traction control. Exterior options included a gold trim package. Standard features from 2000 included heated power front seats, leather door insert trim, retained accessory power and automatic headlights.

By 2001, the traction control option was made standard on the Intrigue. Intrigue GLS 2002 models featured two-tone interiors and sterling accents. Other standard features included the sunroof, driver lumbar support and HomeLink. New exterior colors and a sun and sound package were available. Standard features included front bucket seats, armrests with storage, power seats and airbags. The vehicle had a curb weight of 3,434 pounds and could pull trailer weight of 1,000 pounds. It had an excellent bumper-to-bumper warranty coverage of 36/36,000 for major components and roadside assistance and 72/100,000 coverage against corrosion. ... View more

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