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2002 Lincoln LS

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2002 Lincoln LS

About the 2002 Lincoln LS

The Lincoln LS is an entry-level sedan with enough luxury and visual appeal to compete with most other foreign manufacturers in the same category. Its rear wheel drive configuration is coupled with a finely-tuned suspension that makes driving a pleasure. The sedan has an impressive amount of interior space and even more cargo room than most other vehicles in the same class. It is designed to excel as a family car or as a luxury sedan suitable for the business world.

Designed and assembled in Michigan, the Lincoln LS was marketed as the American answer to the growing appeal of the European luxury sedans. A V8 engine that boasted 252 horsepower was used until 2003 and then the power was boosted to 280 horsepower. A V6 engine with 210 horsepower was also upgraded in 2003 for an increase of about 12 horsepower. The gas mileage of the V8 models is estimated to be 16 mpg in the city and 23 mpg on the highway, so the V6 model is popular with drivers desiring better fuel efficiency. A manual transmission was offered with the V6 models in the earlier years, but it was dropped at the end of 2002.

When it was first released in 2000, the Lincoln LS was met with rave reviews and quickly became popular. The only criticisms in the early years was that the engine performance could be stronger and that the interior was not as finely appointed and luxurious as expected. A remodel in 2003 immediately shushed critics with a more powerful engine and a completely new steering and suspension system. The interior was revamped to include more features, including on-board navigation, and the car remained fairly popular until it was discontinued in 2006.

The Lincoln LS has always been offered in only two separate trim levels and they are named for the engine that the vehicle possesses. The LS V6 and LS V8 were so similar that the only exterior clue as to which is which is the badging on the back of the V8 model. The later models included a THX audio system and an on board navigation system. Leather seating was standard in each model, as was a telescoping steering wheel and safety package.

The reliability ratings associated with the Lincoln LS have always been fairly strong and it is often assumed that repair bills would certainly be less than those of a foreign competitor. Identifix awarded the Lincoln LS with five stars and the NHTSA safety ratings were excellent across the board, as well. ... View more

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